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Ask me about shaving naked!
The slow feeder pet food bowl is collapsible and weighs next to nothing. It’s a nice luxury if you like bowl lathering, and it provides some ‘armor for the contents of the travel bag.

The bag is a medium size L.L. Bean, the best option that I’ve found. It’s larger than a Dopp bag, but it keeps stuff organized which Dopps do not, and it‘s large enoug for deodoratt, toothpaste, nail clippers, a cigar and clipper. It will hang on a door or shower rod so everything is right where you can see it. There is a smaller and larger size. If you wanted to go the boar route, get one that will fit under the elastic loop in the side compartment rather than putting it in a pill bottle in the main compartment.

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I have to go away for a few days tomorrow this is my standard travel kit.

I have a small wash bag with shaving cream/soap, aftershave, a brush, alum, safety razor and blades, nail clippers toothbrush etc
And my cheap leather roll up

In here I have a straight razor or two, a small chunk of Welsh slate or coticule depending on what the razor(s) I pack likes best, a brush in a plastic tube and a tiny tube of shaving foam which is good for three shaves if water is scarce.


I can shave for months easily with this kit and it takes up very little room in my case.
I also flat pack a 2inch Scrupleworks bridle leather practice strop in my case.
This little setup has been with me all over the world lately. It’s nice to take a little bit of home away with me.


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