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FT PAA, Stirling, synthetic brush

I have a few items available for trade:

PAA Awesome Sauce CK-6, 4 oz. - scooped once, brush loaded once (MSRP $19.95).

PAA Droid Black solid cologne, new ($26.95). (Fine Black replica).

Stirling One, 3 oz., new ($8). (Designer fragrance, but I can’t remember which).

Shave Revolution synthetic, new, 24 mm knot, 52 mm loft, 66 mm resin handle, new ($15?). (Unneeded second backup for my favorite brush).

I’m especially interested in trying Stirling Scots Pine Sheep…or new or slightly used soaps with simple, non-exotic scents: PAA CK-6, Zingari (Sego base), Wholly Kaw, Captain’s Choice, Stirling, or Mike’s Naturals.

Won’t be checking the thread much, so please just PM, if you’re interested. Thanks….

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