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Hello from the godforsaken country of jordan, where a 100 pack of Nacets costs JOD 3 ($4.20) and are available verywhere ,from the corner store all the way up to brick-and-mortar Carrefour.
Where also feather blades are available on the shelves (for some reason)for JOD 0.25 ($0.35) per 5
Long time lurker on B&B and r/wicked_edge I've been fascinated by how different prices can be internationally. I have been DE shaving for a year thanks to B&B and l will never go back to Mach-whatever.

Here's my SOTD, i hope I'm doing this right because I'm new to forums and this is way harder to navigate than reddit,Lol.

Razor: Lord 625-2
Blade: Nacet
Brush: no name synthetic
Lather: arko cool
Aftershave: nivea fresh kick
Balm: arko cool


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Perhaps a blade exchange needs to be worked out. $7.00 for 100 Feather blades is unheard of in th USA.
For all i know they could be counterfeit or not the real deal (all though they cut me up pretty often so that's on brand),the store has one sleeve maybe two every time i look behind the cashier where they keep all DE blades,so i don't think they sell in bulk, but they definitely sell 20 ( 4 packs) for JOD 1 ($1.3), idk how they do it


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