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Overheating Ogallala?

I heated up some Ogallala the other night and poured it into a container. It was like water going in, which seemed a little strange. Then I saw on the package to heat it for around 30 sec. I had heated it for a full minute. Is it possible this could damage the soap? It doesn't seem to lather as well as the sample I had previously.

The scent is still fine, BTW.
I nuked my Ogallala Bay Rum/Sandwalwood for a few 10 second intervals, then poured in the container I wanted to use. There was still a small lessthancompletelymelted chunk floating around, I just pushed it to the bottom of the bowl and stuck it in the fridge :rolleyes: Mine was pretty fluid when I poured it, but hasn't lost color, scent, or performance (yet.)

Rule of thumb: short blasts, not one long heating treatment. Hopefully some other soap experts will weigh in soon though.
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