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GIVEAWAY! On the Eighth Day of PIFsmas (2022)...a lighter, a tamper, and cleaners


Used to have fun with Commander Yellow Pantyhose
On the Eight Day of PIFsmas, we have a lighter, and tamper, and pipe cleaners!

The lighter is an IMCO GR55 pipe lighter. Refillable, adjustable flame, replaceable flints, and 45 degree flame angle, this is the perfect "cheapo" pipe lighter for those times when you don't want to carry something nicer. These have been discontinued for several years and are impossible to find, but I snatched up a handful before they disappeared. Decked out in Christmas red for a touch of the festive.

The tamper is a meerschaum tamper with a metal disc at the bottom. Unused and ready for you to put your fingerprints all over.

And of course some pipe cleaners, because every piper can always use more.

Post below if you're interested in entering. I'll ship worldwide and will draw a winner on Thursday Dec 22.

Good luck!
Very nice, not in, as I have a bounty of lighters, matches, and tampers. I have tampers that I made from 223/357 shell casings (credit to a post here), and have enough "supplies" to make thousands more. Next, I want to fashion a tamper from a piece of deer antler.


Used to have fun with Commander Yellow Pantyhose
Last call for entries. I'll pick the winner later today.
:a14: Congrats to kjbarth, if I didn’t have 3 jet lighters I would have been all over this one. You will enjoy how the angle directs the flame and quickly gets a bowl lit.

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