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GIVEAWAY! On the First Day of PIFsmas 2022...a Briar Bird Albatross Pipe


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Happy First Day of PIFsmas everybody!

For the first day of PIFsmas 2022, I'm offering a shiny new unsmoked Briar Bird Albatross pipe. This is a sweet rocking volcano with a nice sandblast, some nice birdseye on the bottom, and Christmas-appropriate red stem. It kind of sits and kind of rocks, just like me after a few too many eggnogs.




Everyone is eligible for this PIF and I'll ship worldwide.

To enter, just reply below and let me know you want to be in the mix.

I'll keep this open until Sudday 12/11 then pick a winner. Cheers!
Very generous offer. I am very much satisfied with my modest collection so NOT in. But what a great offer for someone here to win! Merry Christmas!


ATF. I use all three.
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I’m in. I do Not have a Volcano in my collection of pipes, much less a rocking Volcano.
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