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Old Type with unusally open ball end handle

I´ve never seen that handle before :confused:

Looks like it's missing a bit. Is the ball one piece or does the end pressed or soldered or glued on?

I would say the ball is one piece. The open/hollow ball I know only from some british NEW, but that looks different:
Hmm, this is an odd find achim. Does the hole go through the full length of the handle into the place where the handle attaches to the head? I so... I wonder if Gillette was experimenting with TTO or two piece designs that early on.
Whoa! Five-year flashback. :wink2:

If it's anything like the open-ended British NEWs, then yes, the hole goes all the way through. The threaded hole in the neck of the regular ball-end handles goes all the way through into the hollow-tube handle already.
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