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Old Type UK Gillette

Recently I purchased a Gillette razor on ebay. It seems an old type to me. On the handle there is Brit.Pat.No 28763.02, on the guard S/N F021233 plus a G inside a D on the opposite side.

Looking at the S/N Dating information page, that S/N identifies a 1918 piece. Is this also valid for british market razors?

Thanks for prompt answer. But were they produced in UK or simply imported from US?

Looking at http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Numbered_British_Gillette_Information it seems that Gillette started to use SN after 1935 but the patent number for early years is definitely older than the one mine is showing.

According to the Silver Jubilee issue of the Gillette Blade, the London branch office was the first foreign branch to be opened (in 1905), but Gillette didn't have a factory making razors in England until the Slough plant opened at the beginning of 1921. Assuming that's correct, my best guess is that the earliest razors that were destined for the British market were probably made in Boston and shipped to the London branch for distribution.

But there was some definite weirdness in the numbering and stamping of the early razors from the British market. Here's one that I have that's stamped with large versions of the diamond logo on the cap and guard plate, and has the serial number on the outside handle instead of the guard plate or barrel, and has the patent number inscribed on the very top of the inner barrel.

Also, that wiki page you found is talking about the various patent numbers found on British TTOs, not serial numbers.
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