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Oily Skin AS Question

I have been struggling with facial breakouts for my entire life and it has caused me to be a little timid about using AS, so I thought I'd pose a couple questions for anyone else that might hive had the same concerns:

1) What is the main differences between AS lotions and splashes. I have been trained from a young age to stay away from anything with the word "lotion" or "oil" or "moisturizer" in its description because it usually = breakout.

2) I wouldn't classify my skin as "sensitive" but are these products typically designed for people prone to breakouts?

I have never had a big problem with ingrowns or bad reactions to soaps or Barbasol but have never considered using an AS so haven't had any experiences (good or bad) when it comes to my problem.

Looking forward to the wide varieties of scents and enjoyments that AS provide and thanks in advance for any tips you may have!
I would stay away from lotions and balms. They are thick and will clog your pores. You are better off with splashes which contain alcohol. Use plenty of water to hydrate your skin.
You should consider buying a bottle of aloe vera and a bottle of witch hazel at a minimum. They are inexpensive items, and should be a part of every wet shaver's den. The aloe is soothing, non-greasy, and great not only for razor burn but also for sun burn, wind burn and the like. Make sure to buy a pure 98% or more aloe vera lotion. Witch hazel is great for toning the skin, and for cleaning the skin with no irritation, which is great for someone prone to breakouts. There is also witch hazel from Thayer's that has 14% to 20% alcohol which may be helpful to you.

As far as splashes goes, there are splashes that are mostly alcohol, like Clubman, and some that have glycerin and other additives besides the alcohol. Some are on the "heavy" side, for example, Musgo Real AS. You may want to try and get some decants of a few of the different types and see what works for you. Sometimes, products that are excessively drying have a "rebound" effect, and cause the skin to produce more oil because they dry the skin so much.

A few other products that come to mind: Jason's 6-in-1 aftershave lotion, which is witch hazel based, and full of skin goodies. Very soothing, with a pleasant smell that does not last long. Another is Earth Science Aloe Skin, which has Aloe, but also contains alum, which is great at killing bacteria. It has a fruity smell that also does not last long. Speick AS lotion is another great product with some alcohol, and a lot of skin goodies that really makes your skin feel great without overly drying it.

You should make sure that after you shave, you thoroughly rinse your face with lukewarm, not hot water, and get all of the soap/creme residue out of your skin before applying any after shave product. Finally, a tip I learned from a dermatologist friend. Do not wipe your face with a towel. Instead, pat your face lightly with a towel. Why you ask? What the dermatologist explained was that even a soft cotton towel when wiped across the face acts as an abrasive, and can cause irritation and breakouts. Patting the face lightly dry absorbs the moisture, but does not act as an abrasive. Hope these tips help!
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I also have oily skin and balms do generally give me pimples. I now use splashes after every shave. The term "lotion" can be deceiving because most european splashes are called "After Shave Lotion". I can heartily recommend all of the SCS aftershave splashes. They're great products at a value price, and see the most use of all the aftershaves in my den.
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