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Oil Burner and Soaps

I was looking in $2 shops and homeware stores today for a dish to hold my C&E soaps (i'm a cheap bastard and have only bought refills - so no wooden dish) and a new shave bowl and came across Oil Burners which would fit a soap quite nicely above a little votive/tea light

I was curious as to whether anyone's actually tried using hot soap to whip up a good lather rather than starting the heat process in the shave bowl or scuttle. Firstly, what would be the melting point of typical shave soaps such as Conk, QED Mama Bear, Honeybee et. al, and secondly, would using a milled soap like the C&E soaps above a burner make the nasty bubbly mess like the microwave does? How hot do these things get?

anyways, this looked kind of cool as a soap container:

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