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Odd Shaving Soap Alternatives?

Hey guys, I have an interesting question. Have any of you used anything "exotic" to replace shaving soap? If so, what was it, and how did it impact your quality of shave? The exotic could be anything, from odd oils to even petroleum jelly (LOL). :001_302:
I sometimes make shaving soap by blending "exotic" bath soaps with unscented shaving soaps and have come up with some really nice if not unusual scents. From a trip to Hawaii a few years ago I ended up with some Pineapple shaving soap, Tropical Berry shaving soap, and Hawaiian Lavender shaving soap. I liked the Tropical Berry most of anything I have tried.

I sometimes prep with Noxzema. It is a Camphor, Eucalyptus, Menthol blend. I'm temped to shave with it but don't think it is slick enough.

When I seemed to have nothing else available I shaved with Vick's Vapo-Rub once and the results was very good. It was very hard to get it off the razor though. I so sometimes use it as a base before applying shaving soap and combined they work well together.
@Clay S convinced me to try shaving soap. This has proved to be some of the best advice I've ever received although the Yardley Shea Buttermilk, not as good for lather, left a nice feeling face.
When I travel for work I will take the little bars of soap they provide at the hotel and see what kind of lather I can make with them. Its nearly always something different so its stimulating if not always all that effective.
I have tried lots of stuff. When I traveled for a living, I generally shaved in the shower with a cartridge razor and used either shampoo or conditioner as the lather.
Some of the luxury hand soaps at higher end hotels lathered quite well.
Yardley of London Cocoa Butter bath soap, makes a decent lather. It is quite slick and has very good post shave conditoining.
Irish Spring bath soap makes a very slick lather. They have a version called Signature for Men that works even better than the regular stuff.
One of the best alternative products may be Trader Joe's Formula No. 3 shampoo, conditioner and body wash. It is one of the slickest products I have ever used, even slicker than most premium shave soaps. It has so much residual slickness that you can rinse it off and still shave another full pass without irritation.
I use Every Man Jack body lotion in sandalwood on my face after each shave. Tried it on my face because I did not want to waste it. Haven’t looked back, very happy discovery.
I used Shave Secret oil for a little while. It worked well as far as slickness as long as I kept it wet and no irritation, but really liked to clog the razor up.
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