Noob shaver, Timeless .68 review

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Steinmetzify, May 20, 2019.

    Nice review. I've thought about getting a Timeless razor, but am getting too many great shaves with my Karve. I did pick up Absolution by Khemmis after reading your post and am enjoying that so thanks for the tip.
  1. Nice, glad you’re digging it, that’s a fantastic album.

    Karve and Timeless both great shaves, atm I’m partial to the Karve but I’ll be grabbing the .95 plate just to see how that does.
  2. I have made my Timeless Titanium 0.68 my daily razor and use it most of the time. As a daily shaver it is smooth, efficient and comfortable for me. I believe the titanium handle is 85 mm and is a nice length for this razor. I found that I needed to use a less shallow angle than with other razors. After changing to the less shallow angle, the efficiency improved greatly.
  3. Good advice man....just finished my daily and took that advice. Worked well; think I'll get better at this Timeless after a bit.

  4. Wanted to update this a bit.....95 plate should be here this week but I've been using the .68 for a few shaves, and after changing up my technique with this razor I'm very impressed.

    Once I stopped trying to make it be my Karve, this thing just excels...stopped applying pressure, let the razor do the work, and it's a great daily driver. WAY more efficient than I gave it credit for....3 pass DFS, approaching BBS. It just works. No scrapes, no nicks, no cuts, no weepers and no burn.

    Timeless .95 should be here later this week and it'll be interesting to compare them....some days I don't WANT a whole huge scrape like the Karve gives me, I just want to clean my face up. This plate is perfect for that.

    Finally get where you guys that use it as a daily are coming from.
  5. Bravo ... great review @Steinmetzify ... well done. I will like to see how the .95 Timeless performs versus the Karve plate C. Did you get the .95 in Straight Bar, Open Comb or Scalloped?
  6. I find the .95 SB ti timeless smoother and more efficient than the karve SB C plate. Same can be said about the timeless bronze SB when compared to the karve. Actually, the timeless bronze is the reason I sold my Karve. Hope that helps.
  7. Since I already had the .68 in scalloped and the Timeless website advised a SB for everyday smooth shaves I went with that one.

    Stoked; the .68 turned out to be really great, excited to see how the .95 compares to that and the Karve too.
  8. @Steinmetzify
    Its great to hear your getting great shaves with your 68 plate. I'm sure the efficiency kick of the 95 plate will get you to BBS in 2-3 passes. Since using my Ti95SB that I got a year ago February I am now getting BBS in 2 passes and now only shave every other day as the BBS shaves last on average of 26-30 hrs. There literally isn't much the next morning even if I wanted to shave!!
  9. Thank you Sir for your input and comparison btwn Timeless vs Karve C plate. I will keep that in mind.
  10. For me , the Timeless .95 SS scalloped is alot more efficient than Karve c plate also.
  11. Interesting. It’ll be good to compare these two given your input. Hopefully I can get both shaves done by the weekend and report back.
  12. Timeless .95 showed up:


    Bit more blade gap on this humpy:


    Right off the bat, the SB is a little more grabby when buffing than the scalloped plate seems to be....I either need more water or better technique. I'll stick to this one for about a week or so and learn the angles. As it was, 2 pass BBS on par with the Karve C (my gold standard as of right now). Dig it. I like the .68 but it takes longer.

    9/10 just because I'm not familiar with the .95 yet.
  13. Man I'll say this.....I chucked the .95 onto a little shorty Maggard's handle, got some unprecedented control, which led to the two best shaves of my life. This thing stays.


    .95 and my Karve are my two lifer razors so far.
  14. Way to go! That handle looks very good with the Timeless .95, most importantly it performs the way you want it. I think you found the perfect match. Nice!
  15. Awesome. Interestingly, I just ordered the Timeless handle that you abandoned. I hope I have better luck with it.
  16. Yeah, the 100mm was way too long for me....I have some weird angles on my jawline I need to get to, and some weirdly thick back muscles and that made it really uncomfortable for me to use at those angles.

    I have the 85mm/14mm that just showed up today, but I dunno if I'm even going to try it. I think I'm a short handle guy for life.

    @McNutt I hope that one works out for you tho! Let me know.
  17. I have the Timeless Titanium .95OC with extra plates in .95 Open/Smooth and .68 smooth. Started out with the .68. Nice shave. Got the .95 Dual plate, great shaves. Open side better. I now only use the .95 OC. Best shaves ever. Very light touch, good soap and a good blade. I have my Grail razor. No redness, weepers or irritation. 2 pass 1 WTG and 1 ATG with 1 area pickup if I want BBS on 2 days growth. I seek no more.
  18. Oh, wait, I am replacing a 100mm with an 85mm knurled Timeless handle. I'm not going with another 100mm. That's too long for me too (even though that 100mm plaid is beautiful).
  19. Nice man, I thought about the OC but I shave daily, sometimes in less than 24 hrs time. I hit Timeless and that’s what they recommended for my needs, I still really want to try the OC though. Maybe after a while, between this one and my Karve I feel pretty set for razors for a minute, even though I have other stuff that’s nice as well. I might have to PIF some stuff....

    Oh I hear you, it’s completely awesome to look at and hold, really great craftsmanship. Glad you’re grabbing the 85 though; I’ve been using an 85mm Razorock handle on both the .68 and the .95 and that length worked a ton better for me.

    If you still feel it’s too long and want maneuverability more like your Karve, that MR3 razor is like $25 on eBay.

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