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Nivea Men 100 Years Edition Shaving Creme, Anyone?

Nivea shaving cream?

At B&M??

For £1.99???

I'm on my way!!!!

3 should do me. I have high confidence this will be good stuff!
yea loads at my local one as you can see on the pic i took

apparntly perform the same as the nivea blue tub shaving cream according to a forum member over at the shaving room so all credit to him for mentioning that

i used the blue one today very bland scent wise and performance was average tbf


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This thread inspired my shave for today. Thanks @saj.
The "100 Years Edition" shaving cream is just a re-packaging of the existing "Protect and Care" (AKA Blue) cream meant to celebrate Nivea's 100-year anniversary. According to Beiersdorf, it's part of a temporary retro-rebranding of some of their more popular products.

Anyway, if you compare it to an older tube of the Blue, you'll notice that the ingredient list is identical. Also, all of the product blurbs on the box and tube (i.e. "Frequent shaving can be a challenge to your skin", "Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5", "Softens your beard hair", "Cares for your skin", etc.) are identical.

Therefore, the performance should be identical, too. In other words, it should be as good as always! :thumbup1:
hey people it's been a while

stumbled across this in my local B&M high street store the other day and thought I'd grab one to try out

Not got around to trying it yet though,

Thought I'd browse the forums but can't see it being mentioned so I assume it's a new product?

It's called 'Nivea Men 100 Years Edition Shaving Creme'

thought I'd share some pics

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The only difference I can see from their protect+care and this 100 years cream is that they added citric acid in the formulation, which might be a nice little addition if it works as a preservative/acidity regulator/chelation agent. Let us know how it compares! Also, I have seen several German users post pucks in metal tins of this 100 years soap. I am curious, to say the least.
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