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Newbie Kit on the Cheap

I have $35-$45 to spend, and I want to help set up a new wetshaver. I have a good condition boar brush that I'm going to give him, as well as a Gillette Tech (I know, I'd be better off spending some more money and getting him the C&E brush, but I'd rather not spend a lot of money on something that I can't guarantee he'd enjoy). What should I get him in the way of creams, soaps, etc?

I was thinking I'd definitely pick up some Proraso cream at target, and maybe the Pre/Post, too. Nancy Boy is another plus, since it can be used brushless, if he decides that this wonderful hobby isn't really his bag. Other suggestions?

I'm less inclined towards soaps since they can be a bit more of a hassle. Understand that I'm trying to sell wetshaving as convenient as well as fun and luxurious.

Thanks, all -
The Kiss My Face stuff gets good reviews, is available at a lot of stores (try natural or whole food stores if you local grocery or pharmacy doesn't carry the brand). They also have some good scents and their lavender/shea butter cream has good moisturizing properties.

As far as a/s products, I think the Proraso a/s splash and balm are good value for the price - they also go well with the cream and I'd recommend them over the pre-post as a first a/s product.

As for the Proraso cream, the only complaint is the smell - most people tend to love or hate eucalyptus.
How about some Honeybee soaps? They smell fantastic, they're easy to lather, they consistently rank highly amongst those who have tried 'em, yet they're very reasonably priced.
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