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New Truefitt & Hill dealer in Chicagoland area

I was visiting friends tonight who just moved to Wilmette and on the way home I saw a small store called "Cigary" on Skokie Blvd that had a big banner up in their window saying "Truefitt & Hill - New dealer for luxury shaving products" To bad they were closed, could of grabbed a few nice cigars and some T&H.
Chicago is certainly one of the more enlightened wet shaving towns. There are plenty of stores that sell various wet shaving supply's.

I've been keeping myself from the infamous Merz Apothecary, so I have money left for next month's rent!!


I went into Merz's 6 weeks ago and spent $150 like it was nothing. They have so much stuff you could spend $500 easily. Plus besides shaving stuff they have a lot other cool stuff.

Yesterday the wife and I had to return to the friends house because we forgot something there. So unfortunately when I arrived at Cigary they had just closed, but I looked in and they have a few big glass cases filled with shaving stuff, so a return will happen soon.
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