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New to the forum - hi everyone!

Hello fellow wetshavers!
I've been shaving using DE razors since about two years daily and I think I got to a point where I no longer need to search for info on the many aspects of shaving such as blades, razors, brushes etc. but just to hang out with others and maybe pick something new up.

Realizing how different are shaving product markets depending on the country and location, it's interesting to see what others use and have available.

I'm from Poland, have but spent the last 6 years in the UAE where I started the DE shaving habit. Most blades, soaps etc. I know I know from that market - however via Amazon I was getting all the "International" stuff, too. Now I'm back in Poland and I really enjoy some Polish products that have been around since the 1960's, especially shaving creams and aftershaves. I travel to Czech Republic and Slovakia often and always pick up something from their market too (Barbus soaps and after shaves from Slovakia, Pitralon after shave and Tatra blades from Czech Rep.).

Anyway, just saying hi to everybody and happy to be here. You lot seem like a friendly bunch.

Have a good day y'all, greetings from Poland

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