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New Shavemac in Honor of the Configurator Closing

Mine showed up today.


I'd just ask Bernd. The Americana flattop was never in the configurator and I had no trouble customising two of them. And the 124 handle wasn't there either.

We still have a full week to get in new custom orders.

Rudy Vey

Shaving baby skin and turkey necks
The blanks just don’t have the dimensions to support the size, especially the fancy resins.
Yes, unfortunately also a problem for me. The fancy resin material comes as a square block and often is not really square, maybe 39 by 42 mm, so when rounded over you are lucky to get a 38 mm round piece. For most style this would support maybe a max 26 mm knot. Rarely do I get an exact square piece. Those materials are cast as a large square plate and then cut into strips and shorter, into mostly 6" blocks for us turners. Could be an issue to cast thicker size, as the setting/solidification may not go as fast and the pattern would be not good. Wish they could made them into 1.75" squares, then you have enough material for the biggest handle.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
When I said the density accentuates the backbone, I meant that the increased density of the D01 2 band makes it feel like it has more backbone than the regular 2 band brush.

I was following you until just now.


The beehive is a D01 2 band.

The blue handled brush is a non-D01 2 band. It was custom ordered in an extra dense configuration. I also have a regular density non-D01 2 band brush.

Assuming both brushes are equal in density or anywhere near equal in density it would be impossible for me to attribute the backbone of the D01 to density. I've read the D01 hairs are thicker, or at least I think I've read that. Certainly I don't know about hair thickness from anything other than the naked eye and eyeglasses, but my impression is the individual hairs of the D01 2 band are thicker. Wouldn't that contribute to backbone?

Here's a post from Rudy on the subject.


I notice Shavemac quantitates four things.
  1. Softness
  2. Density
  3. Backbone
  4. Stiffness
Exactly what they mean is a bit unclear to me. What's the difference between backbone and stiffness?

Mostly I know zip about any of this beyond what I read and the little bit I think I know from my own experience. I'm still learning a lot about the various knots.

Happy shaves,

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