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New Razorock Wunderbar Slant!

Unfortunately for me - 2 attempts with the Wunderbar has resulted in 2 subpar shaves. The Personna Lab has always been my go-to blade for slants but it's not clicking with the Wunderbar. I will try an Astra SP in my next shave tomorrow night.

I definitely feel the blade in this razor......
So I had a breakthrough with the Wunderbar...

The Personna Lab has been my go-to blade for all my slants --- I don't know why but it just sings when "slanted". It is the complete opposite with the Wunderbar. The first 2 shaves were downright unacceptable as they were extremely rough and burn-inducing regardless of the angle used. I changed it up by going the ultimate-light-touch approach - I barely let the bar touch my skin and I actively ensured that this was the case the entire shave. This significantly smoothed out the shaves. Surprisingly, facial stubble was gone and there were minimal irritation. With said, I was not entirely happy because it required way more attention that I am used to.

The breakthrough came when I switched to an Astra SP. I shaved like I normally do but for whatever reason, the shaves were exceptionally smooth. The razor glided easily and with zero skipping. Lather quality was the same as previous shaves (3017'ing a soap) and I didn't have to go the zero-pressure method. I have 2 shaves with the Astra SP and both have been the same. I cannot explain the vast difference in shaving experience and why it is happening but I encourage those with a subpar Wunderbar experience to do some blade experimentation.

On a side note - Based on my very limited Wunderbar/Astra SP experience, I would rate its smoothness slightly below the original Stealth and the Ikon 102 slants but at a similar level to the Baby Smooth. I will keep be alternating between these razors to further my comparisons.
To those who have tried both, Stealth or Wunderbar? Which one is better?
I think the results are similar but the shave is different.

Wunderbar has more blade feel but a smaller head that is more accurate for me.
The Stealth is such an interesting razor because I don't feel the blade but I get great shaves. It's a mystery shaver for me.
The Wumderbar feels a bit more traditional than the Stealth.
Both cut like a hot knife through butter due to the radical blade angle
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