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New Orleans, LA.

Aidan Gill (2026 Magazine Street, 504.587.9090) - Ignore their stupid, overpriced Mach Three shave and go for the products. They have nearly full ranges by the Three Ts, Castle Forbes and Santa Maria Novella. Additionally, they have brushes (shaving and hair), cufflinks and a nice assortment men's accessories. Last time I was there they also had Dovo strops, Timor Blue Steel straights (new forgings) and Merkur DEs. Headed there one of these days, a full report will follow.

UPDATE: Went by there today (12/30/08) for an in depth discovery. In addition to what I mentioned above, they also carry Dr. Harris, Pecksniffs and Roger & Gallet shaving products. Additionally, there have stocked CMON straights, Illinois strops and a few DE razors. Onto prices! You are not going to score any deals here, but you won't feel raped. For instance, the Santa Maria Novella products they sell are priced the exact same as those from LafcoNY. I perused other products looking at the price. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Despite their "Shave at the End of the Universe" misinformation, this shop carries a ton of gear. A n00b could satiate his various ADs for several months with what they stock.

Belladonna (2900 Magazine Street, 504.891.4393) - Primarily geared to women, they do have men's shaving gear tucked away into a back corner. Brave the estrogen soaked atmosphere and run the gauntlet of nattering, well scrubbed sales girls to the back corner. The stock varies, but they always seem to have Musgo Real and other Clauss products available. Sometimes they have Trumper's and AOS. Sometimes they don't.
This was my barber shop when I lived in New Orleans almost 10 years ago. I stopped in last year but things had changed a bit. Aidan retired and there were broads working in there. Still plenty of bow ties. They have another location downtown in Harrahs now too.

I used to go in for a cut and a shave. There was Playboy magazines, Aiden would give you a shot/beer, old school towel steamer, the works...

Fond memories.
Baton Rouge, LA has a Face Place and they sell AOS stuff. Also, in New Orleans there are a couple of Adian Gill locations. Adian Gill is a very neat store, they sell creams, soaps, and it is a MENS barber shop and they do 30 minute great shaves.
I visited Aidan Gill over the past weekend. The store was quite well stocked of all the products listed above. Aidan was quite generous in giving me a variety of samples from Trumper's, Truefitt and Hill, Floris, and Anthony Logistics. He also arranged for some DE blades to be sent to their Fulton street store. If you're in the area, I would definitely recommend stopping by.
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