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Hey all,

I've been reading these forums for a couple of weeks and thought I'd register (mainly to ask some questions of course). Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I'm relatively new to wetshaving (3 months) and am looking to improve my shave and maybe eventually try a straight razor.

In the fall I'll be a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. One question I had was, does anyone know of any good place to buy shaving supplies in Madison. I order stuff online mostly but having visited the colonial drug store in harvard square (i'm currently in boston) I can see the advantages of stopping into a shop that sells high quality shave products.


Welcome to the B&B John. One question though, aren't philosphers supposed to have a beard to stroke while they are thinking? Don't get to liking wet shaving too much or you might put yourself out of a job. :biggrin:
haha thanks for the welcome, and the philosophy joke. I fear that if a beard is required I'm probably out. The only time I have a beard is when I'm waiting on an important decision (e.g., a decision on grad school). Needless to say these are miserable times, not only because I'm a nervous wreck while I wait, but also because I have an annoying growth on my face. Nothing is sweeter than lathering up and shaving once the decision comes back (doubly sweet if the news is good).

I'm not familiar with the shoppoing scene in Madison but I am sure there is probably some type of small soap shoppe on State Street. Enjoy Madiso while you are there. It is a beautiful town.
Thanks for the tip, I'll have to check it out and now I'll have to try samples of the Col. soaps to see if I can part with the Taylor's that I've fallen in love with.

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