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New Kanayama 8000 Strop

Hi All,

I've been out of straight razor shaving (and community) for a few years now and decided to get back into it this month - which was a great choice! Loving it again already.

I decided to get one of the highest quality strops around and was saddened to hear of Neil Millers passing. He made fantastic products.

Instead I decided to go for the Kanayama 8000 - I wanted one of these many years ago when I was a student but couldn't afford it. Thankfully I now have a great job so went all in. I purchased mine from Aframestokyo on 7th December, and it arrived here in the UK today. Even with the €55 shipping cost, it was by far the cheapest supplier for this product for me. I am very happy with the speed at which my product was shipped and the quality of the packaging (big rigid triangular box filled with newspaper and bubble wrap packaging. Thank you Takeshi :)

Even more so, am I impressed with the product!!! I am amazed that such a thick leather (3.15mm main leather, 4.19mm suede) can be so supple. It feels fantastic to touch. It also feels like I could use the inside portion of the both the main and suede strops.

The main piece of leather seems like it will give a fast strop, with a slight draw (which is what I like - I tried Latigo before and really disliked the heavy draw). I cant wait to try it out. It does seem like the edges of this piece are higher than the middle of the strop - and these edges seem like they could be a little sharp. Could this damage the razor? Should I do something to try to flatten it or round off the edge? If it wont affect the razor, I think its supple enough to just conform to the razor anyway, and use of the strop is likely to straighten it out (I assume). I have added a pic of the strop end showing what I mean.

Can you / should you strop over the gold sections of the strop? Will this affect the razor? Will doing this over time rub off / wear out the gold parts?

The suede side interests me a lot - a very nice, beautiful finish on it. You can see in the pictures how the surface is almost napped. There was a fair amount of fluff on this piece which wiped off on the surface (again, you can see in the image)

I also like the feel of the linen. I have read a lot about how people find it too stiff etc, but to me it seems like it would probably be really nice to strop on. My very first strop was a cheap Illinois with leather and a 'linen' component that felt like it was plastic and was absolutely horrendous to use. So in comparison the Kanayama feels a dream!

I currently use one of the small Dovo strops which I bought from Gary Haywood. I love this strop - the leather and linen are both soft and a joy to use. So it is going to be great to see how the Kanayama feels in comparison.

I don't expect any technical advantage by using the Kanayama (any keenness advantage) - its more about the feel, aesthetics and the knowledge of having the truly artisan product which will make it a joy to use and admire :)


Congrats on a great strop. I have one that I bought used from a mod here on B&B about 10 years ago and it’s still going strong. I liked it so much that I bought a backup, from Takeshi also.
If I had a couch made from his leather I would be 500lbs and never leave it.
It begs to be touched.
They are by far the toughest strops you can buy as well.
I just lucked into a used Kanayama strop. I might also pick up something cheap to practice on before going to the Kanayama, as I don’t want to make mistakes on it. But do these cordovan types require any type of conditioning oil or whatever on occasion? A post from some years ago mentioned carnuba wax as an option, but I’m a bit wary. Just curious as to what type upkeep they may need.
I use this, but there is also neatsfoot oil and Venetian shoe cream as well. Once it’s broken in and the draw is where you want it with the creams it should only be applied once a year for upkeep.


I can’t claim to be an expert, but I’d say please don’t ruin a good strop with wax!!!

I guess if you live in a dry environment then an occasional gentle rub with the palm of your hand to add some natural oil to help a bit.

I just lucked into a used Kanayama strop. I might also pick up something cheap to practice on before going to the Kanayama, as I don’t want to make mistakes on it. But do these cordovan types require any type of conditioning oil or whatever on occasion? A post from some years ago mentioned carnuba wax as an option, but I’m a bit wary. Just curious as to what type upkeep they may need.

From Mr Takeshi who is repeating Mr Naomi

*************Cleaning and maintenance Kanoyama Cordovan Razor Strop:

What we should do is to use clean cotton towel soaking in lukewarm water, and it should be not too much wet, but not too dry the towel. And then, we wipe the strop the front side of the strop until little before the lukewarm water going through all the way to the back side, and then it makes dry naturally. That is the way what we make the strop making shinny and smoother. According to Mr. Naomi, we should not apply on any oil on Cordovan strop. The oil collects dust, and it makes losing smoothness on the Cordovan strop, and it makes not as the finishing quality strop anymore. ****************
I believe all this is true for a new strop, but I purchased a vintage shell strop that was quite dried out, it needed sanding to remove creases and get things flat, after this I applied small amounts of mink oil over a few months, always making sure i removed the excess, the strop was very stiff when i first got it but after treating it and giving the oil time to seep into the shell it became more pliable, eventually after doing this for some time the strop became supple and is now a fine working strop, it is kinda a slow process to rejuvenate a dry strop but if done correctly it is very much worthwhile. I did read up on it before tackling it, and watched many utube vids, the secret ( so to speak) is little and often with the mink oil (other oils/products are available) too much at once can cause swelling to dryer bits of the strop and then you need to wait more and re-sand. Re the sanding, I started off with a quite course grit to remove most of the hills and troughs and progressed through to 3k grit wet n dry.
As you said, a dried strop needs hydrating. I use Ballistol and sometime horse fat/oil I had shipped from Japan. That was a trick from a friend who makes strops. Both work great.
When I sand I don't go higher than 800.
Now the wax, I have only used it on one strop resto because the surface was still rough after hydration and I didn't want to sand it. It worked well. The draw isn't as fast as a NOS one but it's pretty close.
The above experiments were done on Japanese strops and again strops that needed repairs. I good condition strop doesnt require anything besides a damp towel or preferably microfiber cloth as instructed by Naomi San.
I have some cordovan shoes and can only say that cordovan is a very temperamental leather.
It has a healthy amount of its own oils embedded in it so advice Ive read is not to apply external oils and waxes.
Cordovan is known to stain if water touches, and even develop some sort of white residue on it, it so I would keep that thing bone dry at all times.
Bone dry goes stiff and brittle, powdery even under the top layer, I really only dress the shell strop coz of how dry it was, my other strops only feel my palm.
In the post to me is a 6300 I found for a reasonable price. Is there any difference between the leather on the 2196 and 6300 and the #0,000 line of strops, besides the thickness going up as you go up the range? I noticed a couple of sites sold these 2196 and 6300 as 'rough', for a lower price than the others....?
I have a 2196 from Fendrihan, it appears to be the same leather, just thinner, and mine has a couple of cosmetic blemishes. No effect on stropping. I use it as a travel strop and it’s packed away or I’d post an image for you.
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i just purchased the 8000 from fendrihan myself, for 400 but i noticed that the japanese site posted by the op, has it for 250, but its out of stock they also have the 9000 for 300. is it the same strop or its something different. because that's a huge difference.
AFrames Tokyo is in Hawaii, Fendrihan is a Canadian company. I believe that you're speaking of the 80000 and the 90000 at AFrames Tokyo and Fendrihan.

They are the same strops that Fendrihan carries, you may be looking at the difference in tax/duty between Canada and the US, that can add up fast. Takeshi sells out first because he is cheaper.
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the tax from Canada is about the same might even be less. the price difference is 150 usa. its probably a price gouge found it on another site for 270 usd. and another Japanese site for 395 usd. im thinking of canceling this or returning it. 400-270 is 130 usd. that's like one of those sebum gold aftershaves.