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New here, need help on where to buy

What about ETSY?
Etsy does seem to be a bit more pricey than Ebay but I have only had good dealings on it - as I have on Ebay.

Just be sure to read the customer reviews. If all others are happy then I see little reason to distrust anyone.

I'm pretty sure people selling on Etsy are all small business owners, unlike Ebay where anyone can sell their stuff. To me that sounds more reliable but I still make sure to check the reviews before buying from someone, especially if they're from a country miles away.
I'm not sure if you are located in the EU but there is a member on this forum that has a pretty big offer on EBay, he also keeps throwing other razors on his sales list. I have dealt with him (as have others on here) and could't have been happier.
He lives in Germany, his ebay alias is Kitapevi, his nickname on this forum is sakaltras.

I do see he has no adjustables listed today, but am pretty sure he had a Fatboy listed not too long ago. Maybe it's still up for grabs.
A question:

When I started my razor-buying career, I got my stuff mostly at low-end antique shops, and occasional flea markets. Prices were reasonable, and I could touch what I was buying.

. . . Are those sources exhausted ?

. . . Are those sources dead, because of Covid-19 ?

Thanks --

. Charles

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Fumbling about.
I've bought many many great items on eBay.

Ebay will back you up if the seller sends you something other than advertised. I ordered a Fatboy and received a Slim and got my money back, easily. Plus, I got to keep the Slim. (Which I gave away.)

Ebay will also back you up if the item is otherwise not as described. When ordering anything mechanical make sure the vendor says it's in good working order or something like that. If it's not, eBay will make it good. I ordered a razor "in good working order" only to find it was missing a crucial blade stop (a GEM razor), and eBay got my money back.


My Executive (gold Fatboy) was a gift. It belonged to a friend's grandfather. She could have sold it on eBay, but I got lucky.

Still, it was "stuck" on a setting. I had to put it in my ultrasonic cleaner to get it unstuck. That's a common problem with old adjustables, but easy enough to fix.

It's a very good razor!​

In neither of these incidents with eBay vendors was it a hassle at all to get my refund.

Other than that, on eBay you must carefully examine the goods and carefully read the description. Ask questions. Ask for more photos. Be sure what you're buying or bidding on.

Also check the prices of "Sold" items and other offered items to be sure you're not greatly overpaying. Ebay prices vary widely.

There are a number of vendors who sell mostly razors. Some are pretty good. They aren't as inexpensive, as a rule, as your average eBay vendor, but they are more informed.

Assuming you're only going to buy one Fatboy, get a good one.

Happy shaves,

Directly from the website of the company.
No idea where to buy vintage Gillettes.
For Merkur etc. you might just use Amazon.
You can use the Buy-Sell-Trade forum here (BST forum for short). These razors come up often, many of them are in great shape. People have to post decent photos of what they are selling and indicate the condition it's in.

+1! Yes indeed! And the sellers are more reliable than most that you will find on other sites.
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