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New appreciation for my red tip super speed

About 4-5 years ago I won a lot of razors on Ebay that included a red tip super speed. If i recall correctly, I used it only once and put it in a drawer in the bathroom where I'd look at it weekly when I changed the blade on my Merkur that I bought when I began wet shaving. Yesterday I decided to pull out the red tip and give it a whirl - and I'm glad I did. I had a great shave, probably better than I've gotten only a few times over the past year. And again this morning. Maybe its the 2 new brushes I've acquired over the past week but I'm really liking the variety of more than just creams and soaps.
After reading about how it was an aggressive razor it took me a few weeks to get the courage to use my Red Tip after I got it. The first shave was probably the best I had managed with a DE to that point. I have since used it for 95% of my shaves over the last few months. I have tried a few of my others occasionally and do not get as fine of shaves as I get on a regular basis with my Red Tip.
I started with a red-tip and used it for several months before moving on to other razors. For me, when I think of the 50's, I think of a red-tip. Don't know why. It's a real classic great American razor.
I really like my Red Tip and find it to be less aggressive than the Merkur 38C that I had been using.

This is great to hear! :thumbup:

I just used mine for the first time this evening. I like the heft of it, but I think I am used to a longer handle. Little nick at the top of my foot...which is a smaller nick than my tuckaway gave me on New Year's Eve....yikes.
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