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Never Have Seen Anything Quite Like This

I have my share of boar brushes (7) and like them a lot. I picked up this new (to me) SOC and as I have owned SOC brushes before, I thought I knew what to expect...not this!!
Deeply weird. I could not even begin the shave with this one. Pictured alongside after the fact is a Semogue 1305 and Omega 2017. I know boar brushes dry all bed-head looking, but never have I had one lather up like this. Any ideas?
My experience with that type of boar hair is it did that. Not quite to that degree you have, but maybe the brush is well broken in.
I have a couple of Semogue boar brushes. I also have a SOC two-band badger. All of them are fine. I did read a comment on one of the forums about the SOC boar brushes being different than the regular boar.

You might try washing the brush in shampoo and then combing out the bristles with a coarse dressing comb. If that does not help, you might need to ask for an exchange or at lease a new knot. The SOC handle is worth saving, even if you install a synthetic knot.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
My SOC did something vaguely similar.


I washed it a couple of times with Ship-Shape which I bought at Sally's. Good stuff. Then, I worked up a lather a couple of times using a soap I didn't mind using to clean a brush. I let it dry between each washing and lathering. That fixed it.

Plenty of rinsing of course.

I think it was going through a phase.

Happy shaves,

When I first load my SOC boar it looks somewhat like what you show. However, when I apply the lather and work it the brush looks normal.
I’m no boar specialist but it looks like your other two in the pic (like my 1305) are dense knots. Your new boar looks like a thinner knot and that could cause it to open up that much.
Well, after a night of shampoo, combing, whipping up a bunch of T&H Grafton and drying out wrapped up in a paper towel like a burrito, this was the result. And it sheds...sigh.
No worries. I love a challenge and I WILL slap this brush into shape!!

If you watch Michael Freedberg videos on YouTube, he often uses this brush and his looks like yours does (or did). It must be normal for the bristle type. Odd that my non-OC Semogue boar brushes don't behave this way.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Ship-Shape. Worth having on hand. It's made for the job.


When you go by a Sally's, buy some. It's cheap and lasts a long long long time. Very easy to use. I have a car washing pail from the auto parts store which is perfect for washing all my brushes, and makes it a snap to mix up a gallon.
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