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I've been shaving a good month with merkurs and have been getting great results. I've switched up creams, and am still in search of the the cream. I do three passes and touch up. One with grain, one across, and one against. When I shave against the grain I experience a resistance from my whiskers, but get no ingrowns, or razor burn/cuts/nicks. My question then is this: Is this supposed to be like this? I've read posts where people get absolutely no resistance from their beard. Do I need a sharper blade?
If you're getting no ingrowns, or razor burn/cuts/nicks, then I say don't worry about it. You can always try the Feather blades and see how they perform for you.
The only way to know for sure is to try other blades and see how the results compare. Check with letterk (John) as he is selling sample packs of bulk purchased blades.
I've used Merkurs, Derbys, and now Feathers, and while I'd say the resistance might be a tad less with the Feather, I still feel a bit of a "pull" when I go across or against the grain.

I suspect that those who say they feel "no" resistance are actually saying that they feel "little" or "less" resistance. I also suspect the same phenomenon is at play when guys post comments about using "absolutely no pressure" with a particular blade or razor--more accurately, they mean "very little" pressure, as "no pressure" would result in "no shave."

These kinds of well meaning comments can actually be problematic for those of us who are extremely literal (guilty here :redface: ). Also, some shaving techniques, at least at the outset, can be counterintuitive--the "no pressure" one is a good example, IMHO.

I don't mean any offense here, simply trying to clarify in an effort to help our friend with his issue.
Hi the Other Kyle,
While we all have experienced the QUEST at one time or another, perhaps this bit of down-home country wisdom is in order, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" It sounds as though your shave suits your desires for grooming with both comfort and pleasure. I think you have already arrived where others dearly wish to be.
When you get really bored and have nothing better to do than play with perfection, you may wish to waste a few dollars on some different blades, perhaps a new/different razor, perhaps a new high dollar brush, mmmm some expensive creams.... See? Refer to down-home country wisdom before trodding upon this slippery slope. Oh, and by all means keep enjoying your daily shave!:001_smile
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