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Need help with Bathroom project.

I have to replace the linoleum in my bathroom. I figure once I get everything out of there it would be a good time to go ahead and paint the room. And since I'm going to be painting the room I might as well go ahead and change the cabinets :thumbup1: We have two bathrooms in my house and my wife has the bigger one and I have the little one, which is fine with me because I get to play around with my shave gear without being interupted :thumbup: Im thinking about going with black cabinets like this one.

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What I would like to know is, what would be a good color for the bathroom walls with black cabinets? If you need to know what color the floor will be, it will be a light color. Maybe even white. Still looking into all of this. Other cabinet colors I liked are these.

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and this one.

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Any ideas???
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