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Hi again,

Okay, my 'new' Gillette Adjustable just arrive tonight. I've spent four days with my GEM Micromatic and have been 'learning' how to use a real razor. Unfortunately, my education is going painfully.

So, to the point, I have a selection of Merkur, Feather and Derby blades. Which one should I try in the morning????

Thanks for your help all,

I would recommend the Derby's first, they are a great all round blade and not too aggressive.

I don't have a lot of experience with the Merkurs so can't really comment.

The Feathers are the sharpest and have the most fearsome reputation. I would hold off on these until you are confident your technique is good. Don't be scared to use them, they're actually my favorite blade as well as few others on here, but they can be unforgiving!

Hope that helps!:biggrin:
Derbys or Merkurs for now--but as mentioned above, don't be frightened by the Feathers--they are sharp but not dangerous. Just as with a good knife in the kitchen--dullness = danger.

A sharp knife/blade is a safe knife/blade.
Derby or Merkur will both give you a good shave.

I find the Derby's better (sharper without being too sharp).
Different razor like different blades, even 2 identical razor may prefer different blades. I just got a Toggle off ebay (didn't have a gallery pic and the pic were bad and list as a lever) I also received 100 of those cheap Derbys (I paid $16 before the price wars) I usually never test a new blade in a new razor but I did and I did a pass it was harsh, changed the adjust ment on the razor, still very unpleasant. So removed the Derby put in a new Feathe set the Toggle at 2 and tried again, it was like glass. Next shave I'm going to try that same Derby in my HD if it's still harsh I'll try another new Derby. Hope I didn't get a bad batch.
Your more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife then a sharp one and razor blades are the same. They tear you up when the edge starts to break down. So try different blades the razor will let you know which blades it likes best.
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