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Need advice on a strop

Well, I have been straight shaving for a little under a month and after about 15 shaves I am pretty sure that this is something I will stick with.

However, I am not very happy with the strop I have. It is a Dovo Cowide Linen Strop. And it is not the quality I am not happy with but rather the size. It is very small, 1.75" by 13.2". It will be a great travel strop (if I ever travel with a straight) but I want something bigger for daily use. I just feel like a longer and a bit wider strop would be better.

Any suggestions?

I don't really need anything super nice and would not like to spend tons of money on a strop but want something of good quality that is going to help my straight razors' edges.

I was looking at the El Toro from Rup Razor but am open to other suggestions.



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I started with that one. Yes, it's narrow and when you switch to a 2.5" or 3" it's a huge difference. My advice would be to stick to the Dovo for as long as you can. You will probably nick the strop, that's why.
My first strop was a Fromm cowhide 2 1/2 wide ($30 at amazon). Heck, I beat the crap out of that strop.

That would be my recommendation. Don't know El Toro.
Keep the Dovo as long as you can for reasons already stated.

The El Toro is a very nice strop, made of the same material as the filly. The difference is obviously the size and the option of a second component. It has a nice amount of draw and Ken does a great job with the leather - I believe they are very good value for money.
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