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Need a quick answer...if possible

I am doing another homemade brush and would like some advice on the knot.

I have chosen to get a 22mm from the Golden nib but am uncertain of which one to get.

I recently put together a 26mm finest and love the way it feel. However, I like more of a backbone and a scratchy feel when I shave, my favorite brush is a restoration I did with a 21mm UK knot.

My choices are:

22mm Silvertip
22mm Sivertip-A apparently this means it is even softer
22mm Finest extra hair
22mm Finest
22mm Super

I am leaning towards the finest with extra hair but I don't know for sure.

That would be your best choice for what you want. I got a golden nib knot in a brush and it has a bit of scratchyness to it, and good density, but not good backbone because of it's 60mm loft. To get that backbone and scratchy feel you want to set lower. I myself think 50mm is a good spot for those that like medium backbone.

Others would have better opinions of what would be best for the loft size and how it would work, but that's the knot you would want for what you describe. Just have to factor in that pesky bristle loft size too for the type of feel to the brush you'd like. :wink2:
I have the 22mm Finest with extra hair. It's very nice, and has a great backbone to it. If you like a lot of backbone and a bit of a scratchy feeling to your brushes, then you will love this knot. I know I do! :thumbup:
The 22mm Finest Xtra could even be set a touch less than 50mm for a really compact knot. It will still bloom nicely...I really enjoy using mine.

As to be expected the GN 2 band is nothing like Simpsons 2 band with the GN being much much scrubbier but nicely so IMHO.

I'd like to know what others think of their GN Extra knots.
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