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Mystery Stone. Anyone Familiar with these?


These hones are pretty common on Amazon. Anyone know if they're a legit product or bogus chunk of kryptonite? For $20 I'd be inclined to try one but not if it's gonna be useless right from the get-go....
They are a sintered stone like countertop material. I have some from somewhere but never found to be very useful. Certainly not a razor stone if that is more what you were asking. They are cheap so maybe try one and see if you can find a good use? I think the old brazil hone was also a sintered material if I recall.
We would all be happy if good razor finishing stones were under $20 :) You would hear more about these sintered stones if it were true.

It is easier to be a “knife/tool” stone than a razor stone because we can use pressure. Razor finisher must be abrasive yet extremely fine since we use no pressure. I think that is why sintered stones fail for razors.

There is the Brazil hone - are you familiar with it? Maybe I have the name slightly off. I’m pretty sure it was sintered, but even it is kinda weird with razors and came with a chunk of coticule


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I think Gamma did a video on one once upon a time. He wasn't impressed. It arrived broken IIRC.....
I think that member who played around with jaspers/etc a few years ago used these things a bit too. He found them somewhat useful as I recall...

But basically; they're slow and not great hones. Kind of gimmicky; but not completely useless. Just your time is better spent on a hone that's better.
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