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My wrist stinks

I have a timex expedition, which serves me just fine. A watch, to me, is a utilitarian item. It has a leather strap. I work outside most days in the summer and the temps can climb over a hundred. Needless to say I sweat. The leather has absorbed the sweat and now REALLY stinks, and won't clean.

Is there a strong option out there that can be cleaned, and looks fairly decent? I am not a fan of the cheap webbing ones available at wally world (my only local option)
I have had the same problem. The webbing will stink as well. I just get a black plastic/rubber watch band. It will look dressy enough if you need it to and it washes with soap and water.
Try microwaving the strap. It will kill bacteria, responsible of the bad odours.

Disclaimer : it might destroy the leather in the process.
A safer suggestion (for the band, not the watch!) would be freezing it - that's a common suggestion for ripe shoes, seems to kill a lot of the smelly bugs.
For active times I use a watch with a black rubber style band, for dress/work I have a metal one. The black rubber is easily cleaned and doesn't absorb odors.

You could also use this as an excuse to get a new watch. :)

I tend to be hard on my watches so I don't buy expensive ones though I might invest in one for work/dress.

I'll try freezing it.

A second watch would only solve the stink in the non work times. Other watch would still stink. I'll see if I can find a rubber like strap.
I have had this problem in the past, but nowadays what do you need a watch for? I work outside all day and just check my phone for the time. Have a couple of nice watches for when I dress up.
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My summer watches have maratac Zulu straps. When they get manky I just take them off the watch and throw them in with the washing.

They are comfy to wear and last forever. You can get them in all sorts of colours to match the watch.

I only have leather bands on my winter/business wear watches.
I'd vote for getting a hard rubber watch band. When I got my Casio dive watch it came with a rubber watch band and I was a bit wary of it at first thinking it would be uncomfortable and wouldn't look good. My fears were for naught, it looks good and is very comfortable and can be easily cleaned with soap and water plus it doesn't absorb odors.


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Scuba diving watches often have rubber straps ... these might be a good solution.

Of course, just the leather strap. Not the entire watch.:bored: (be more attentive to what is actually written)

The thread title is "my wrist stinks" ... so ... he should microwave his wrist?

Plastic watchbands gave me a rash on my wrist. Terrible. It ain't pretty, but I've found the webbing style works best. Wash with vinegar. Vinegar takes the stink out of anything.

Also, a nicer watch would deserve better watchband, but you're probably not going to be working up a seat while wearing it.
I use nylon straps on almost all of my watches. I used to have the stinky wrist/strap issue as well; however, thanks to this site I found a solution that works for me.
I use an alum bar after my shaves- somewhere I read that alum can be used as a deodorant, so I started rubbing the alum on my wrist each morning after my shower, it worked for me to eliminate the stink.
Give it a try - maybe it will work for you too.

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If you can find the original brand Twist-O-Flex band, that might be your ideal solution. Be aware that cheap imitations are much more prone to breaking, and will sometimes snag the hair on your wrist.

The nylon velcro web belt type straps can be washed. The alum sounds like a good idea, too. You can get a few feet of 550 paracord and follow the instructions on Instructables or youtube to braid up a band. You can wash it or toss it.

If you are working outside and sweating, I assume you are either very nervous or you are doing heavy physical work, and therefore wearing gloves. You might try pinning a cheap watch to the back of a glove for quick time checks. I usually have mine on my belt next to my radio and knife, channel locks, etc.

Tried a pocket watch? You can pin it to a shirt pocket flap or hang it from a key ring or something, if pulling it out of a pocket is an issue. Or glue a $12 walmart special to the brim of your hardhat and maybe you can just glance up and tell the time.

Or you can just not carry a watch. Your boss can tell you when it is coffee time or lunch time. When you see everybody running for the parking lot, you know it is quitting time. If you are the boss, knock off when you feel like it.
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Wrong song. :) my head hurts, my feet stink, and I.....

I never liked a leather strap if I was even capable of sweating on it. Some places, like Panama will allow moisture to stay trapped under a rubber strap and irritate the skin, if you don't come into some AC for a few days. A metal bracelet is still the best choice for me under those conditions.

I prefer a rubber/NATO/metal bracelet for my watches.

Even though I'm retired, I still can't accept the idea of taking off my watch yet. And I never liked the idea of hanging a watch off my gear, or having one other than on my wrist.
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