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My strop was delivered rolled. Is it still useable?

I got this strop from amazon and when I received it it was coiled. I was wondering if I could still use it. if not could I repair it and how?


Lie the strop on a flat surface for a couple of days and it should flatten out.

I do see that the strop surface looks a little funky, but that could just be the pictures.
I think I’ll just return it because I don’t think I can make special packaging instructions for something that comes from an amazon warehouse but thanks for the help guys
FYI, I remember ordering an Illinois strop from Amazon and when it arrived it was laying flat in a large box. You might want to look into that one as a beginner strop if that’s what your goal is.

GBS is not a brand that I am particularly fond of, and that style of hardware is not to my liking either. Rolling of such a small strop should be totally unnecessary and reflects poorly on the vendor. Your strop would work but a nicer piece of leather with no wrinkles would be a LOT better IMHO.
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