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My skin sensitivity changed - anyone else have a similar experience?

Hi All. I’ve recently taken to shaving again after roughly 12 years with a beard. I mostly kept a beard because it was easier and cheaper. The older I get, the more I’d like to maintain a clean appearance, so I’ve been getting back into shaving. When I shaved in my teens and early 20’s I could shave with anything - M3, Bic disposable, with or without cream, sometimes even dry (the hubris of youth). I never had an issue with irritation or a single ingrown. Now, in my 30’s, I seem to have developed slightly sensitive skin. I get ingrowns on my chin, can feel some irritation after shaving and I need a plethora of products. Currently I use a DE Merkur Progress which I recently migrated to after using Gillette’s sensitive cartridges. I’m not really looking for shaving tips, there’s a ton of info out there, I’m more interested to see if anyone has a similar experience of their skin sensitivity changing, and potential causes? To add some context, I immigrated two years ago, so my diet, lifestyle, water etc. has all changed. I’m wondering if it’s had an impact on my skin.


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I think our skin condition is subject to a plethora of variables.

Sometimes I can get away with shaving twice a day.

Last two weeks, I had maybe 3 good shaves in total (I shave everyday).

Stay healthy, treat your skin well, wash at least twice a day, and don't turn your nose up on moisturizers!
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