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My Routine- wife says I am Crazy

Figured I would share. Not sure I am unique in anyway… my wife thinks I am crazy and put too much thought into it…

I shave differently everyday. I either use noxema as my preshave barrier from the canned foam (always Gillette or Barbosol) or a clear gel and then either Palmolive shave cream applied witg a brush… I change up the blade choice witg either a hydro 5 or 3 blade…and 2nd pass with a 2 blade schick or bic disposable… other days I use the brush and Palmolive. I will use my single blade with a Gillette blue top or super speed, or travel ball tech, or any one of my other from my small collection… mind you it takes 3 passes (with, sideways, and against) to get a baby smooth shave.

I love changing it up. Usually take my time and brush up on the weekend of Friday’s…

My favorite and GO- To cannot live without items with question is my Noxema (which I could shave witg that alone if need be), my double blade disposable, and gonna go with any one of my cheap (yet traditional) aftershaves (Aqua Velva, skin braced, or clubman…

I turned 50 in 2021… I remember my dad talking about how much he hated shaving…. I didn’t understand it. Honestly I do now… it can be a chore… I also remember my grandfather using a brush, single blade and ALWAYS smelling like classic Old Spice…. Wonderful memories.

I hope to pass memories on to my boys.

Thanks for letting me share… I am interested in reading others routines.
I think what sparks her curiosity is the length of my showers… someday in and out… She asks why I am in there so long others… so when I go thru it she rolls her eyes…

I do the same changing up my soap and shampoo daily.

Like I said my absolute is Noxema. Old school, traditional and good for your skin!

5 outa 7 days a week I use Noxema.

Anyone else got an absolute “go to”????
Enough other things to do, I want to shave quickly and get on with my day. Routine is set using same razor, same blades and same soap every day. The only thing I change is my brush so I can give it a good cleaning once in a while. Do not want to spend more than 5 minutes.
LOTH here thinks that ‘traditional’ wet shaving is the most inexpensive hobby I have ever had!!:thumbup1::thumbup1:
Well of course it is expensive. If you are seriously into this hobby, it is expensive. Otherwise, stick with one or two razors and 1-2 creams, 1-2 brushes. It si not a hobby then, and not expensive. To answer the origianl poster. Yes, women will always think we are crazy etc., etc.
But there is a gap between the sexes. That's all. They will never understand...
My wife initially thought I was nuts but now she sees how much I enjoy it and is fine with it. I have had much more expensive and time-consuming hobbies in the past that would keep me out of the house so this being something I do at home is a better fit. Also, she loves thrift and antique shopping so now I have something to look for when she's looking at whatever she thinks is interesting. We're getting older and weirder together and I think that's just fine.
I am interested in reading others routines.

What I use is different just about every shave. Soap, brush, aftershave, razor, blade...I am usually changing something up. But my shave routine, the act of shaving itself, is pretty much the same every shave: One pass with the grain, a second pass, ATG, on my neck, then touch up as needed.
As some people lay out clothes for the next day, my routine sees now me laying out the shaving gear I will use the next day. I have two brushes, and I tend to alternate. I have several soaps and one cream. I have 5 of my Dad’s old razors I alternate using when I change the blade and two straight razors. And I now have a variety of aftershaves. So these days I will set out a soap, brush, razor, and aftershave for the next day simply according to my mood.

Funny. Until this year, I had one soap and one cream or canned foam/gel. I had one brush and one aftershave. To be honest, it feels kind of strange to have a menu of items to pick from.
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