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My original series Star Trek Phaser prop

I can't recall if I posted this before. But after recently watching the "Star Trek Continues" video series on Utube I thought I show you Trek lovers out there what I made. I had seen one for sale from the Franklin Mint, but after seeing the price and the overall look I decided to make my own. I secured a copy of the Star Trek technical manual to use as my guide, as it had full scale drawings of the weapon and a color scheme.
Main body is pine, with all the various parts made from bits and bobs I found at the hardware store. The base I fashioned in the basic shape of the uniform patch, with a steel rod entering a hole in the bottom of the handle so it looks like it's balancing on the end. The smaller phaser one is detachable, and is held on by a strong pair of magnets. The beam emitter on the front is a garden hose cap with tiny bits of steel wire glued to it surrounding the end of a caulking tube tip. Hope you guys like it!

If you have any ST props, post 'em up!




Thanks, guys.

Star Trek TOS (The Original Series) fans my notice the prop here is not exactly like those seen in all 79 episodes. You'd be correct - this is the earlier design only used for like the first 5 or 6 episodes. The design was then modified slightly for a more curved, stylish profile (the phaser one on top remained the same). Actually, if one watches those early episodes closely you can catch a glimpse of one of those early phaser designs with a gray handle! Apparently they were trying different color schemes to see what would show up better on film.
And though they did make some props that lit up and made noises, their cost (approx. $8,000 each) forced the special effects shop to come up with photographic effects to produce the opticals for the show.
lol Hadn't thought of the laser grip from Space:1999!

Though my wife has suggested a TOS tricorder to go with my phaser and communicator. And I've thought of the updated phaser from Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.

But I've always wanted a pulse rifle from "Aliens".:letterk1:

Star Trek, space 1999, UFO, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Fireball XL5, 6 Million Dollar man, Dr. Who (Tom Baker of course), Land of Giants, Time Tunnel, The Invaders, Voyage to the Bottom of the sea. To name a few, what happend to me, one min I was starry eyed and full of enthusiasm the next 50 plus, over weight and watching adds on TV for funeral insurance.

Sorry to bring it down guys. Just sayin.

How about a Darlek 😀😀😀


Moderator Emeritus
This is very cool. If you’re ever in the Adirondacks in NY, there is a fully authentic rebuild of the TOS enterprise set (straight from the original blueprints in Ticonderoga, NY (yes, right near Fort Ticonderoga). It’s filled with all sorts if original set pieces and they give a great tour.
This bugger is cool. It's bluetooth capable, so it functions as a phone though I rarely use it like that in public because it leads to people wanting to hold it and pop it open with flair and try to bend the door to see how sturdy it is and give it to their kids to play with & etc. Lol.

I saw one of those at Best Buy a while back. Pretty cool little gadget.

I do remember playing with a few of the old Star Trek toys when I was little. I recall the full set.. Phaser, communicator and tricorder.. but it could have been a friend's toy... Would have been around '74 or '75.
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