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My new strop

So my new kangaroo hide paddle from Sydney Strop Co arrived today, and it is utterly fantastic!!

First off the block was my W&B anchor 1/2 wedge in 7/8. Previously the edge on this beast had been a little rough thanks to the effect of the Whipped Dog paddle. Nothing wrong with that strop. It has an incredibly heavy draw and all along can almost turn a butter knife into a razor. It just has a downside.

Back to the new one. The hide is very hard and it has a medium draw. It's about 2.75 inches wide, which is more narrow than I thought, but since I am mostly using x-strokes, it just doesn't matter at all.

It was delivered to my Brisbane address for a mere $112 AUD and at that price point it is a bargain. So if you're considering a new strop, give this one some serious consideration!!
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