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Last night I got a wild hair to inventory everything I have related to shaving, and hygiene in general. I know some of you guys out there have so much stuff, no way you're going to do this! But, for those of us with a more moderate amount....what ya got????? And more importantly, what do I need???? :)

Old Spice (from India)
GFT Rose
C&E Sweet Almond Oil
C&E Sandalwood
Proraso Green
KMF Virgin Forest
Musgo Real
...all tubes

Will G Emerald Lime
Will G Emerald Peppermint
Will G Shea Ginger/Lime
Will G Shea Bay Rum
2 pucks of Surrey shave soap melted down and mixed with 1 tsp glycerin
(Excellent for cold, dry weather, leaves a glycerin barrier I have to rinse off even after shaving.)

Edge Eucalyptus Gel

Gillette Heavy Duty adjustable, 1959
Merkur Futur
Mach 3 aftermarket handle
Nationwide Campus fixed head Injector

111 Derby Extra DE blades
7 Schick Injector blades
2 Mach 3 Turbo cartridges

SMF II Shavemac Silvertip
Omega #48 boar brush
small Pure badger brush

Proraso Pre
2 sample bottles of GFT Coral Skin Food
Caswell-Massey 1752 Sandalwood A/S gel
Nivea Sensitive A/S balm
Will G Sandalwood A/S balm
Will G Peppermint A/S balm
Will G Bay Rum A/S balm
Dickinson's Witch Hazel

Salux nylon wash cloth
Kiss My Face Olive Oil bar
cloth wash rag (My Caucasian skin can't take the abrasive Salux every
day, especially during Winter time.)
Suave Lavender shampoo
Suave Aloe conditioner
whipped Coconut Shea body butter
Gold Bond medicated baby powder

Softsoap (when its empty I'm going to refill with Cornhuskers Lotion, and
only use cheap barsoap for washing hands)
Lever 2000 bar
Grisi Avocado bar
C&E Goatmilk Hand Therapy

Armani Aqua di Gio (I think I might try out one of the Musgo Real
colognes for hot weather.)
GFT Curzon sample
2 GFT Sandalwood samples
GFT West Indian Extract of Limes sample

Sinus Health:
2 cup stainless steel Jala Neti pot
sea salt
rubber Sutra Neti tube

Old Spice shaving mug
small stainless steel mixing bowl
Clubman styptic pencil
2 C&E tube keys
Microtouch Microtrimmer
Remington electric clippers
barber scissors
toenail clippers
Aquafresh foaming toothpase
copper tongue scraper
baking soda
plastic hairbrush
boar hairbrush
gel (might try some Clubman pomade next)
wood handled back scratcher (absolute neccesity in life!)
Degree for women antiperspirant
nylon bristle fingernail brush
bottle of vegetable glycerin

What I want to eventually try:
Cornhuskers Lotion
Musgo Real cologne (#2, I believe)
perhaps a better toothpase
more KMF shaving creams
maybe a better shampoo & conditioner
Thayers Witch Hazel
Shavemac handmade Pure badger shaving brush around 24mm
Moss Scuttle (large)
more Old Spice shaving cream
lots more Injector blades
a few more Mach 3 cartridges
some sort of back washing brush
perhaps a straight razor, with strop and all the fixins
HEB shea butter bath soap for the dry Winter season
Feather "Nanka" shaving gel
Feather "Kanwa" aftershave balm







Looks like you are going to need more room!

I'll stick with my suggestions of Taylors Mr. Taylor and Shaving Shop. Great stuff!

How long do yall think I'm stocked for? Actually, I think the aftershaves are going to last me much longer than the creams and soaps I have.
My question is, what brush should I get? I only have one and would like something high-end (in quality more than in price). I don't need anything too big since I have a goatee... the 22mm knot on my Vulfix works pretty well, but I have no comparison.

Also, my Merkur blades don't seem to do so well in my Gillettes. Any blade advice? Gracias!

Onto my inventory...

Vulfix #2233 Super Badger

Merkur HD
Gillette '57 Superspeed
Gillette Adjustable
Nationwide Campus Injector

Schick Injector (2 pkgs)
Merkur DE (1 pkg)

Proraso Green
Musgo Real
GFT Limes
Arko Commando
C&E Sienna

Taylor's Sandalwood
Arko Shave Stick

Pre-/Postshave Skin Care:
Shave Secret Oil
GFT Coral Skin Food
Witch Hazel
Cornhusker's Lotion
Turkish Alum Block
Pinaud Styptic Pencil
Small Electric Kettle
Stoneware bowl (for building lather)

Lolita Lempicka au Masculin
Chanel Egoiste Platinum
Lots and lots of GFT, T&H and Penhaligon's Samples
(and Knize Ten and Endymion decants on the way!)

I suggest Shavemac. You can get a variety of 23mm brushes for very reasonable prices. My 23mm Shavemac is about the same as my slightly smaller Vulfix, because it has more of a lightbulb shape. Also, look at the "custom" section on the Shavemac site, if you want to mix it up a little as far as handles go.

A lot of other people are going to suggest Saville Row. Never tried one, but I hear they are great, so you probably will not go wrong there. A lot less choice in handles, though.

Good luck.
Well, since others are doing the same, maybe I'll post my inventory to...

Gillette #66 Aristocrat
Gillette 40s Super Speed (several)
Merkur Long Handle Classic
Gem Micromatic TTO (tapered and straight, bar and comb)
Gem Jr. (Fat handle)
Gem 1912
Gem "G. Bar"
Gem Micromatic Push Button
Schick Injector E, yellow/orange marbled handle

Taylors Avocado and Eton College
Trumpers Sandlewood
T&H Ultimate Comfort
Various samples from Scotto

QED Vetiver, Lemon & Cedar, Sandlewood, and Pine &Cedar
C&E Sweet Almond Oil and Sienna

My collection is pretty weak in every area (except maybe Gem razors), but this is really embarassing. All I have are a few samples from Scotto: Woods of Windsor (nice, but makes me feel a little old), Musgo #2 Oak Moss (love it), L'Occitane Vetivyer (mmmm mmm good, and manly), Mr Taylor (see WoW), C&E sandlewood (nice, but I wish it smelled more like sandlewood)
Jason said:
Oh my gosh, that's a lot of stuff. I thought I had too much. I can't even compete with you guys.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't try:biggrin:

Here's my collection:

Brushes (I'm weak in this category):

Simpson Rover
Vulfix 2197
No-name pure badger
Omega boar brush


QED Lavender
QED Bergamot
QED Sandalwood
QED Bay Rum
Arko stick
St. Charles New Spice
Institute Karite
Proraso (tub)


Coates Tea Tree
Coates Lavender
Coates Sandalwood
Coates Lime
JM Fraser
De Vergulde Hand


Will G's Sandalwood
De Vergulde Hand
Neutrogena Post-Shave Defence
Proraso splash
Proraso pre/post
Musgo Real splash
Tabac a/s lotion
Thayers Lavender
Thayers A/S
Body Shop Tea Tree
Jason Tea Tree
C&E Sienna balm
Booster Aquarius a/s
DaVinci H2O


Merkur classic
Merkur slant
Merkur travel razor (the one that breaks down into 3 pieces)
Superspeeds x3
Fat Boy
GEM x3
Injector x 4
Gillette Tech x 2


Derby x 45
Feather carbon steel x 30
Pella Injectors x 60
Pella GEMs x 175
Merkur x 10

I also have a rapidly growing collection of colognes and samples thanks to the folks on the board.
Here you go...I know I am missing some stuff...

Taylors Lavender
Taylors Sandlewood
Taylors Avocado
Taylors Rose
Taylors Mr. Taylor
Taylors St. James
Taylors Eton College
Taylors Shaving Shop
Taylors Almond
T&H 1805
T&H Trafalgar
T&H Grafton
T&H West Indian Limes
Trumpers Lime
C&E Sweet Almond Oil
AOS Lavender
AOS Sandlewood
Toms of Maine Peppermint

C&E Sandlewood
C&E Sienna
C&E Sweet Almond Oil
QED Sandlewood
QED Lavender
QED Lime
QED Juniper Berry
QED Grapefruit/Peppermint
QED Lemon/Cedarwood
QED Pine/Cedarwood
QED Vetiver
QED Bergamot
L'Occitane Cade Soap
SCS Almond
SCS Bay Rum with a Twist
SCS Oak Moss Lavandula
SCS Savory Rose
SCS Shamrock
MB Hydrogen
MB Rosemary Mint
MB Polynesian Red
MB Spellbound Woods
MB Beau Brummel
MB Bitter Orange Orchid
Honeybee Bay Rum
Honeybee Coconut
Honeybee Oceania
Honeybee Dragons Blood

After Shaves
Proraso After Shave Balm
Proraso Pre/Post Cream
C&E Sandlewood ASB
C&E Sienna ASB
D.R. Harris Pink
T&H Classic Balm
L'Occitane Cade ASB
Trumpers Coral Skin Food
Em's Skindicinal ASB
Em's Minty Menthol ASB
Em's Bay Rum ASB
Em's Lime Citrus ASB
Nivea Sensitive ASB
Thayers Rose WH
Thayers Lavender WH

Razors & Blades
Merkur HD
Merkur Slant
NWC Fixed Head Injector

Derby Extra
Israelli Personna
Swedish Gillettes
Shick Injectors

Savile Row SR-208
Vulfix 2197
C&E Best Badger

Taylor St. James
Taylor Sandlewood
Taylor Mr. Taylor
Atkinsons English Lavender
Penhaligons Douro
Penhaligons Castile
SCS Bay Rum with a Twist
Issey Miyake
Brooks Brothers 1818
C&E Sandlewood
T&H 1805
Drawer full of samples from T&H, Trumpers, Floris, Pecksniffs and Penhaligons samples.

I am not sure if the new server could handle it if Joel, Ron and Scotto posted theirs...
I need another dimension of time and space to wrap my brain around how much stuff I have. Better not to even think about it less a migraine ensue. Actually, I treat it similarly to "not naming the Devil"; if I don't think about it maybe it won't draw any more of SWMBO's unwanted attention.
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