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my dog loves my brush as much as I do!

The first picture looks scary if there weren't any others. Something with his eyes :001_huh:

Do you think it's because of the boar scent? Maybe a badger brush will be different to his nose.
I think that that is my dog's doppelganger, she's not a boxer but a bulldog/mastiff cross and a bit more jowly.

My dog would take off with that brush the instant it was in his face. My daughter likes to feed the dog her brother's toys. Poor kid.
He loves sniffing my brushes. Doesnt matter if its the boar or the badger, he likes em all. He knows he has to be a good boy around them though, and doesn't go after em even though I can tell he'd like nothing more than to grab it toss it chew it bite it throw it around..lol. :lol::lol:

He really enjoys sniffing em, and I think the Boxer mucus may indeed help my lathering abilities!! :blushing:

Thanks guys!

X :thumbup1:
Nice to see other boxer owners. I'd be scared my boxer would take my brush. She's usually really good about stuff like that unless she gets pissed off. Then she gets mischevious. Typical woman.

(Sorry for the picture quality. Phone pics)
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