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My Brush Rotation...

Hi Guys
I now have the shaving brush rotation I'm going to be using for the foreseeable future. But then who knows what else might pop up.
Currently I have 4 Boar brushes and 3 Synthetics. One of which is my take-apart travel brush (synthetic). I just got my vintage stamp carousel and it fits my brushes perfectly. The Boar brushes are 3 Zeniths and one Danidom. The two synthetics are WCS products 26 mm.
I've found so far breaking in the boars is going well. They do tend to be better at hard soap and mug lathering as opposed to bowl lathering with a soft/creme soap. But I imagine the boars will loosen and soften up. The Danidom tends to shed more than the Zeniths but is getting better.
Now the synthetics when they arrived were a bit large for what I'm used to but HOLY CRAP do they ever work with soft/creme soaps and bowl lathering. Seriously build great lather and are very comfortable as well. The boars tend to be a bit better at exfoliating but that's not a complaint.
So all in all the brush situation for me has been pretty much solved. Really enjoying this switch and all the best to everyone as well.
Looks great, congratulations! I wrapped the prongs of my vintage stamp holder with black electrical tape so the metal wouldn't scratch my brush handles.
Yes I did the same thing. Used some Gorilla tape cut down to right width and lined the metal holders to prevent scratching.
Just a quick update. The Danidom brush has turned out to be kind of a disappointment. It sheds up to a dozen bristles each shave whereas the Zeniths are all doing very well...maybe a hair or two if any at all. The Olive wood handle Zenith developed a crack which I've epoxied and seems to holding up well. The seller gave me a gift card for another brush so I got another synthetic...so now it's 3 boars and 3 synthetics in the rotation.
Your brush rotation reminds me that it has taken me a few years trying out more than a few brushes. I've finally settled on 5 brushes that tend to perform wonderfully with my range of favorite soaps and creams. I also have a Zenith boar that seems to yield excellent lathers with my creams. (There was a time several years ago when I thought boars were best for lathering soaps.:concern:) In addition, I have kept one synthetic, The SilkSmoke. That leaves 3 badger brushes that seem to bring out the most of my soaps. I've got a Thater 4376/5, a Manchurian White that came from Elite, and last but not least, I have a Finest knot that I got from The Golden Knib several years ago, and I set it in an old MadeRite black and white handle.
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