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Musco "Real" Shaving Cream

I got this product a few days ago and really like it, I was wondering if any other members out there have tried it and what their experiences have been with it when compared to the likes of T&H and other English style creams. Is Proasco similar to Musco because I think I would like to try that next.


Yes, Musgo and Proraso are wonderful creams. Easy to work with, excellent lubrication, just a pleasure to use. With Proraso, unlike Musgo, you get a choice of Proraso Green or Red. The green is eucalyptus based and the red is wheat germ based. I personally, do not care for the smell of eucalyptus, so I use the Proraso Red tube. My wife uses Musgo and she loves it, it's all she'll use.

Proraso also makes a wonderful little product that is well worth having. It's a styptic gel in a tiny tube. You get a cut or nick and no more dragging out a block or stick, wetting it and applying - just place a small dab of this styptic gel on your fingertip (size of a pin head) and apply to the area. Another wonderful product.

Good luck with your future trials Joe.

Joe, with respect, first of all Proraso is excellent stuff, I shave with it myself. I'm a big fan of the cream in the green tube. Now, with regards to Musgo Real, I had a tube of it once, and I agree the lather was very nice, but either I'm allergic to it, or I don't know, but I had a bad reaction to it. Proraso always gave me very, very enjoyable shaves, and another point to consider, it's very reasonably priced.

Last week I received tubes of Musgo and Tabac. After one shave with each I preferred the Musgo scent. The Tabac was pretty strong. Recently I can't stop thinking the Musgo has too much of a soapy smell. It's not bad though, but the Tabac is starting to win out. I find the Tabac leaves my skin a little softer and I'm starting to come around to the scent.

I flip flop all the time, but I still like both products quite a bit.
11 years later!

I still use Musgo every so often but I'm not a big fan of it. At one time I was really enjoying it but not so much now.
I believe the new Proraso formulation does not have any lanolin (like the old red proraso). Although a good cream, is not quite the same as Musgo. All Musgo creams, no matter the scent, contain lanolin which can cause irritation for some...
For me, Musgo is top shelf...
The latest reformulation of Musgo doesn't give me any irritation but I just find it to be nothing more than average. Yes, the scent is very nice but the performance doesn't freak me out.
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