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Moving cream to an apothecary mug, good idea or bad?

My wife got me an Edwin Jagger apothecary mug for Christmas, which I assume works well for hard soaps. Put the puck of soap in the mug, load your brush, and (in my case) face lather away. All good, except for the fact that I mostly use creams, but I really want to make use of this fine mug.

So, what would happen if I take my current tub of Proraso, for example, and move the cream from the original container to this mug? The cream will be uncovered, so I could imagine that the cream might dry out a bit, but not too much because it's getting hydrated every day. I could see that the cream might lose some of its scent over time, maybe even a lot of its scent, but are there any other downsides? I am pretty confident that I can load my brush effectively from the mug (occasionally clanking the sides, sure...), but I am curious to know if there any other things I should consider.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions.
If it is Proraso in a TUB then it should be no problem. If it is proraso in TUBE then it will dry out and become more like a soap. The Proraso in the tub is just an Italian soft soap and without a lid the scent might fade a bit but it shouldn't be worse than that.
Don't know about the "uncovered" part. But I have a tub of TOBS sandalwood cream that has dried out (despite its cover), and it still works great! Just lather it up in the tub like a soft soap. Uncovered I think it would dry out a lot more, and just don't know how well that would turn out.
DO IT!!!

I had a few tubes of Proraso laying around so I tried the same thing except I used Tupperware with a screw on top.

Since I face-lather I found it cumbersome to squeeze cream onto the brush and then apply.

In one tub I squeezed Proraso Red and screwed the cap on. This is great for dipping the bristles, and applying to my face (the downside is that I seemed to use way more product than necessary). In the other I squeezed 2 Proraso Green tubes and let it sit uncovered. In the time it took to finish the Red, the Green had dried out nicely and I packed it down. It functions like a soap and allows you to load the brush without over loading.

I'll do it for all my tubed creams from here on out.
I had a similar situation with a mug given as a gift. I use it to soak my brush and to hold my razor after shaving. Everybody was happy.
Ok, so here's the plan, based on the feedback so far. I am going to put half of the Proraso into the mug and use that exclusively until it is gone and see just well the cream lasts, as well as watch out for hardening or significant loss of scent, or, horrors, loss of latherability. I will be able to compare the mug to the other half in the original Proraso container.

Just to clarify, it's the tub of Proraso, not the tube, so I think this will end well.
Someone recently posted on here about emptying their tube of cream into a mug and letting it dry out for about 2 months. After that it was as if they had a puck of soap in there. Should work just fine.
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