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Moustache/ Beard razor

I've seen Merkur Mustache razors.... having a mustache/goatee I'm intrigued. I always use a Norelco beard trimmer... it would be cool to have a razor do all of that. Has anyone used one or know anything about them?

I have a Merkur Mustache razor and it does a very poor job. The blades are no good and I found myself cutting myself.

I am not downgrading Merkur razors in general, my favorate razor is a Merkur Slant Bar (I think it is the finest razor in the world).

I have a rather large handlebar moustache and I trim under the ends of my moustache at the end of my lip with my slant bar.

I hope this advice will help you.:001_smile
Stan's right, the blades in those razors are junk, mine won't cut the hair on my arm let alone my whiskers. Kinda turned me off to Merkur, but now I have a HD, Slant and a Progress and I love then. The HD came with a Merkur blade and it was great also. Don't know why the blades for the mustache razors suck but the whole 5 pack that i bought were dull.
Hmmm..... weird - I have one, and the blades I have work just fine. I find that if your try to cut dry hair, it is miserable, but provided you soften the hair with warm water, and cut damp hair, I find mine to work surprisingly well. If you have any shave oils, or a quality shave gel (non aerosol - something like King Of Shaves Gel) it makes all the difference in the world.

Initially though - I was trying to cut dry hair, and was not a happy camper. If a lot of guys are having bad experiences though - might want to pass, and stay on the safe side.
I found using hair conditioner in advance made a difference, but for trimming up my mustache and goatee, it's just much easier to use an electric! :eek:

I have tried shaving oils, puck soaps, English tub creams etc.

The blades would not cut, I had to apply pressure to the razor before it would trim the moustache, that is when I would cut myself.

These blades are very dull, in my opion, as compaired to the regular Merkur DE Blades, in sharpness I would rate Merkur DE Blades on a scale of 1 to 10 a 7, Feather DE Blades a 10.

I would rate the sharpness of the Moustache Razor Blades by Merkur a 1.
It has the sharpness of the top of a tin can.

It's too bad as Merkur makes a fine line of razors and blades.
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