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Moustache Beard help

I have a large beard.

I would like to grow my moustache out to the side. You know how a handlebar moustache starts with just the hair in the middle of the moustache, and grows that out? I want to do that, but with a full moustache at the start.

So I am currently waxing my moustache and trying to get the hair at the bottom-center of the moustache vertically parallel with the hair growing out at the top-sides, if that makes sense.

My problem is, what do I do with the hair at the top-sides of the moustache, that is already growing out further than the side of my mouth?

Do I cut it so that all the hairs on the side of my moustache are the same length? Or do I continue to do what I am currently doing, and wax the hairs outward from the center of my moustache, and downward over the edges of my mouth?

Below is an Excel sketch of what I am trying to describe
I started with a mustache and grew it to a handle bar by doing what you mentioned.
"wax the hairs outward from the center of the moustache, and downward over the edges of your mouth"
Took me about 2-3 months.

I find that Firehouse Tacky and Captain Fawcetts work very well, and have great hold. You just need to warm them a bit before use to soften the wax.