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Moustache at 4 Months; My Wax Experiences

I am no stranger to facial hair. I have worn a full beard and variations thereof since 1985. In my youth I dreamed of growing a nice long blond pony tail, but with early hair loss I did not have the personality to pull off a George Carlin. Over the years I dreamed of sporting one of those thick rich long beards long before they were popular. Whenever it gets any length, the beard looks like a wild natty birds nest. I know there are softening and straightening products, but part of the beard appeal for me has always been to go with what is natural. Neatly clipped has been my beard and goatee style. But the dream for some epic hair never died.

A year of mask wearing means keeping things trim. And hidden. On December 1 I began growing what I hope will become an epic moustache. Of course, that requires product. Although contrary to my generally "all natural" philosophy, I do like that wax keeps the hair out of the mouth, and helps guide the hair to a natural swoop. Here are the things I have tried in the last few months.

Making my own wax. 3 parts beeswax, 2 parts coconut oil, melted, blended, poured in tins. I like the natural earthy scent; reminds me of saddle leather and hay in a barn. Requires warming before use. Somewhat difficult to spread evenly on the stache. First thing in the morning, the moustache looks like a plastic stage prop. By the time I get to work, it looks more natural as the hair falls naturally. If I do nothing, I look like a walrus. A quick swipe of the comb set things back in nice natural swoop, but only provides about 20 minutes of stay. Lasts all day, but requires very frequent combing.

Edwin Jagger Moustache Wax, Bergamot and Cedarwood extra hold. First the good, this stuff has a beautiful scent. I feel like a family member at Downton Abbey when I smell this stuff. Extra hold is right, this stuff is a rock. But that is the problem. I cannot get this stuff from the tin to my moustache. No amount of heat will soften it up. I have not tried the fires of Mordor, but that would be inconvenient anyway. Trying to apply it is an exercise in pain, suffering, and lost hair. I really want to like this, but if someone can help me find a way to reasonably soften it, I would be grateful.

Hawkins & Brimble Moustache Wax, Elemi & Ginseng. Calling this a wax is generous. Pleasant gentle scent. But is is soft, a bit more solid than petroleum jelly. Application is very fast and easy, but almost no hold. Moustache gets soft, fluffy, but not held off the lips. Walrus look comes much faster than with my own wax.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Moustache Wax. This is a cream in a tube. Scent is light, pleasant, and very "TOBSy." No hold at all. I hoped that it would dry and provide some hold like a pomade, but no such luck. Leaves a slick feeling on the hair with no hold, like applying hand lotion to your moustache.

I have seen other posts with recommendations for specific waxes. I am not necessarily putting out a call for suggestions. I am really not interested in spending any more money. To be honest, the products I purchased were impulse buys because they had a "clearance" tag online and I am a sucker for a deal.

I had not seen these products discussed elsewhere, and wanted to share my experience. In a perfect world, I would love to have something with the ease of application of the B&W, the hold of my beeswax mixture, and the scent of EJ. Is it possible I am using them incorrectly? I have searched but cannot find more info on these products.


The only one I’ve used out of those 3 was the Hawkins and brimble. Scent is nice but calling it a wax is so far from the mark. It offered me zero hold and support.

For the EJ wax. Perhaps use a little at a time, apply to stache, and then comb it in, and repeat that until you’ve got enough in?
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If the wax won’t soften with a hair dryer, then I don’t know. For a while we had a light fixture above the mirror that had the bulb pointing up. A tin would fit perfectly on top. A few seconds would melt the wax and with a partial tin the wax wouldn’t touch the bulb. Much easier than the blow dryer.

I have had better luck with using petroleum jelly than coconut oil. I adjust the ratio so that it is still a little hard to scrape out but softens easily by rolling the blob between thumb and forefinger.
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Thank you @strop. I applied a hair dryer to the EJ this morning. It took a while but it softened it up enough to apply without pain. Still had many "crumbles" to work out. The EJ provides the best hold out of what I have used so far, but it is too much hassle for me to deal with daily. When I make a batch of my own next time, I will likely melt the EJ down too and add a little "softener," as you recommended.


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EJ is one brand I've never tried, though I've had one (can't remember which one!) that I could just not get soft enough even efter working it between thumb and forfinger for several minutes! I did what you plan! Melted it into a batch of homemade wax, which is all I use now.
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I feel I should update my experience with Taylor of Old Bond Street Moustache Wax.

I applied it this morning, combed it in, and allowed it to dry. Very easy to comb in.

Once dried, the moustache hair is "fluffier" and very natural look and texture. The hold is much better than my prior experience. Four hours later, and it still provides hold. When I run a comb through it the moustache takes a natural and graceful curve. It does not look at all like there is product in it. It is keeping the hair out of my coffee this morning.


Even more clueless than you
If you want to try something a little stronger you could try Bounder it is a good wax. I tried a number of different waxes over the years when I had a long moustache. It worked well for me.
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I know you aren't looking for more, but after trying a lot of product I went a different route. Cheap, too. While damp, I comb Got2BGlued Invincible styling gel through it. Then I curl the tips while hitting it with a dryer and finally swipe outward just to the tips with Elmer's purple glue stick. Harden that with the dryer and I'm good for the day. Possibly tomorrow!
I let mine grow to handlebar proportions years ago, and I never could find a wax that would stand up to Houston heat and humidity. It was always wilted within a few hours. Maybe I should have tried the Edwin Jagger.

Last year I went pencil thin for a while, and I kind of liked that. You do have to be careful when shaving, as the smallest miscalculation can give you an interrupted moustache. I am back to a moderately proportioned, full lip moustache again.
You do have to be careful when shaving, as the smallest miscalculation can give you an interrupted moustache. I am back to a moderately proportioned, full lip moustache again.
Yes, careful indeed. I have been shaving the top of the stache. Well, about 2 weeks ago I took one side down much lower than the other. I clipped the ends, took the other side down to match, and trimmed the bottom at the lip line.

I was a little disappointed to have the accident, but I was getting ready to trim the bars anyway. I did not mind putting in the extra effort, but each side was infuriatingly not symmetrical. The natural curl on each side grows in a different direction.
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