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Most overrated shaving product.

I don't know what I find overrated, because I haven't tried much.

However, I do take issue with the anti-scuttle people.I put my loaded brush into my scuttle and it stays real toasty. Cold lather is a curse on mankind. I got 3 passes out of it, and a real nice shave with soft, smooth, warm lather. It just felt so damn good I almost didn't want to stop lathering. ;)

"Poo!" I say. "Poo!" on you anti-scuttle folk. You don't even have to spend a fortune on one. My girlfriend picked one up at a local ceramics shop for under $10. It's technically an african violet planter with 2 water input/outpot holes that they glazed together into one piece. Fill inner and outer cups with hot water to warm the vessel, and soak brush in the inner cup. After loading brush with soap, empty and re-fill the outer container for fresh heat. Stays warm throughout my entire shave.

I also keep a larger bowl handy, for holding water or bowl lathering.

You only dislike scuttles because you don't understand them..

My scuttle and VDH brush, for size comparison.
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I love being an old man. I can get away with smelling bad when I want to. Hah.
Smelling funky an overrated shaving product? are you in the right place, mister? can I call the nurse to help you find your way back to the home? You're scaring the kids... where does that old man funk come from anyway... is it diet? or on purpose? does AARP send you a bottle of funk (and not the good funk as in P-funk) when you hit 55?

back on topic... i think precision accuracy lather device vehicles aka small knot brushes to be overrated... lather flying everywhere is the only way i shave...
I've tried three creams: Bigelow and both Palmolive Classic and Menthol. Bigelow/Proraso performs the least impressively. Nothing wrong with it but I consider it to be hype-busted. Feathers too. Sharp but not smooth. Smoothest blade so far is Lord Platinum.
Scuttles are definitely overrated. As is adding your own glycerin/making uberlather. All you'll get from either are odd looks from your significant other.

Not to mention, the 3+ pass shave is highly overrated. 2 is all that is needed. It's shaving your face people, newbies take this stuff as gospel and tear their faces up trying to do 5 passes after mapping out on a paper diagram which direction their hair grows. A shave does not need to last more than 10-15 minutes. Tops.
I have not been going at this long, but I started with an unscented AOS starter's kit. To me, it is definitely overrated, especially the aftershave. The smell was horrible, and the AS simply did not work as well as others I have tried. I am now using TOBS Lavender and some L'Oreal aftershave that I used before switching to DE shaving. These both worked much better than their AOS counterparts IMO.
Most Modern DE Razors (Mostly Merkur). I found it ridiculous on how much I had to fiddle with the blade alinement on almost every single Modern razor I purchased before each shave. I take the blade out after each shave so I can clean the razor. But when I need to use it again it seems I need to do a small song and dance just to get the blade exposure correct. Thank goodness for Vintage gillettes.
Art of Shaving Pre Shave Oil, the gummiest, grimiest, most useless product.

Aftershaves in general.

Parker Safety Razors.

Mach3, Fusion

Jack Black Shaving Cream in the jar. Gunky, hard to rinse off. Smells like mothballs.

If you have alum you don't use, especially the potassium alum, its a good deoderant, very non irritating. For feet, anywhere. It also clears up acne pretty well and is good on cuts and bug bits. I use it under my regular deoderant. Its 120 in the long summer where I live. Not taking chances....

Tend Skin, I got a sample of this, and its supposed to be an anti- irritant, again, unnecessary if you know how to shave.
My vote goes to Proraso shaving soap/cream. It's slow to lather, even compared to some traditional soaps and provides a frothy lather. I do love their pre-shave/post-shave however.
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