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Has anyone heard of the new ringtones that only "kids" can hear? You can hear it at http://www.fork.com/ringtones.php, just click on Mosquito tones a few times then click on Preview.

I'd be interested in who can and can't hear it, and if you can, what does it sound like.
I have heard of this, I think there was a thread on this posted here a few weeks ago. I can hear every tone on the site you listed. Oddly enought the tone I had the most trouble hearing was not the highest frequency but one of the middle ones, 17,000 I think. It just sound like a very high pitched screech, kind of like the ringing in your ears after going to a concert.
I can't hear any of the 17kHz and higher over the perma-ring that I already have! Too many firecrackers and rifle shots when I was young and dumb.:sad:
I've seen this before. My two daughters hear it, I have no clue. Too much loud rock and roll at a younger age. Now I'm beginning to see the NEED for #11 on the stereo!

Jets, helicopters, and gunfire are not good for hearing I am noticing. I could hear the mosquito tone fine in my left ear...not so much my right, and above 16kHz I didn't hear much of anything...a little at 20K but could have imagined it it was so quiet.
John P.
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