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Momma Bear aftershave?

Has anyone used either the winter or summer aftershaves that momma bear sells? They sound like what I'm looking for, but I'm having trouble finding any user reviews... Thanks!



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Good stuff, but either get the unscented, or make really really sure you like a lot of the scent.
I have the summer ice in lime, with extra menthol. I quite enjoy it, choosing to use it on warm days (or after the post- lawn mowing shower!).
Thanks for the replies. I like the sound of the lime ice. Since I'm new to this, I think I'll start with some Nivea just to see how I like a balm. Maybe later on down the road I'll try some of the fancier stuff...


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I have the Winter variety unscented, and two Summer versions, one Mandarin Ice (with Menthol) and one is unscented Plus Orange .. I would recommend all three, the summer types differ only in the Menthol, which gives you a quick "face freeze" which I like but not all the time, so they alternate. Sue offers both summer & winter "custom scented"
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