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MMU Cosmetics "Smooth Operator"

My sister was in town the other day and was looking at this site. She told me they make excellent products with lousy service, but the products are worth the lousy service, she says. Anyways, they make a shaving cream called Smooth Operator which is apparently for women's legs. I just wrote to them and asked if it works well for men's shaving and I got this reply:

"It sure will. I use it every second day. I don't scent mine too strongly and I use it with a brush and a Mach 3 razor. It gives me an extremely close shave and the best part hardly any ingrowns."

Here is the link:

MMU Cosmetics Smooth Operatorhttp://www.mmucosmetics.com/en/bathandbody/viewproduct.php?sid=478fa6d04d4e174744520e03571c01ce&productid=196

Has anyone tried this stuff?
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