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Mixing Bourbon?

With cola - Early Times
Don't drink any other bourbon mixed drink, so no opinion otherwise

I personally don't consider a few cubes of ice or a splash of water to be a mixed drink - there are a lot of bourbons out there that benefit from one or the other - but if that was what was intended, then my vote goes to Old Weller Antique over a couple of cubes of ice.
I've been known to use both Turkey and Grandad in mixed drinks. ;)
I buy Evan Williams (black label $10) and Four Roses (yellow label $12 on sale) with mixing in mind because I think both deliver great value for the price.
The 101 and 100 respectively are my favorites for mixing, too. I really notice the added alcohol bump gives a much richer flavor.

I saw some Evan Williams BIB (100 proof) white label the other day and stupidly failed to pick it up. Ever tried it?
Jim Beam white label is usually my go to bourbon for mixing with soda.
Though I'll use a higher end bourbon Woodford/Four Roses Single Barrel for cocktails like old fashions, which the alcohol flavor is pretty important.
Usually use (and order when I'm out) Maker's Mark. I'll think I'll try the 101 in a few cocktails though, that sounds promising.

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Beam White or Evan Williams or Old Grandad. No need to go mid or upper shelf, when mixing with coke and such. In fact, the rough edges of some cheaper brands (Think "Rebel Yell") seems to help the bourbon to taste through the mixer. With water or soda, maybe Turkey or Beam Black. Turkey 101 works well with water. In fact, anything over 90 proof, IMHO, benefits from at least a splash of water. Too much alcohol can kill the taste with the fumes.

While not exactly a Bourbon, Jack Daniels goes quite well with coke. I would imagine in U.S. bars, that Jack and Coke is among the top 5 popular call cocktails, and the most popular call whiskey based cocktail. Semantics aside, Jack can be treated as a bourbon AFAIC.

Lately I have been drinking Old Fashioneds and Manhattans made with budget bourbons. A Manhattan is about the only way I can stomach Four Roses. It is an interesting change from the more usual Rye or Canadian whiskey. I guess I was having Bourbon n Coke burnout.
Old Forester or H.L. Weller. Both are inexpensive and, to me, have more flavor than Beam or other similarly priced bourbons.

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Deja vu. I used to have a customer who drank exactly three Weller and sodas every single day between 5:00 and 6:30 AM. EVERY day, except like Fat Tuesday and other major events. I imagine he probably had another bar where he had a couple more, every day, at lunchtime. I don't even know his name. I asked once, and all I got was a "mind-yer-own-bidness" grunt. I just called him Weller and soda. It was not our well bourbon...Our well was Evan Williams. He asked for Weller specifically. I never thought much of Weller. Seemed sort of devoid of any noteworthy characteristics, like it had been scrubbed clean of all character. I liked the EW much better, myself. The bourbon without a taste. A man without a name. A bar without any class. Perfect opening for a twilight zone episode. And I was there. wwwwwEEEEEEEEErrrooooooooooooWHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...... Rod Serling should have been my bar-back, or doorman. Well. Time for another glass of Otimo 20 year old Tawny Port. Or was it the Lucid absinthe I was dronking? drinking

Actually, I don't mix bourbon. With the exception of iced tea, most drinks are too sweet for me when mixed.

If it is worth drinking, it should be drunk on the rocks or with a splash of branch.

Actually, I don't mix bourbon. With the exception of iced tea, most drinks are too sweet for me when mixed.

If it is worth drinking, it should be drunk on the rocks or with a splash of branch.

Henry, when we grab drinks it will be exclusively single malts and top shelf bourbons.


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Evan Williams Black for manhattans. I buy the big bottle and pour it into a nice decanter to fancy it up.
I have been on a Manhattan kick, using Carpano Antica vermouth, mostly, which is more expensive than most good bourboun around here. I started using good rye--Mitcher's or Rittenhouse--but have decided I like bourbon better. Do not like bourbon and coke. Anyway, Evan Williams, Beam BIB (really good; makes almost too strong a Manhattan), Beam Devil's Cut, seem to be the usualy mixers. But I do not hesistate to use Makers or Woodford, if I want something really, really good.
Mixed, not straight, would likely be Old Crow. Said with ginger ale or tonic water, lemon, over the ice is nice on a hot day.
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