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Mild, Aggressive, which razors?

Which razors (not the blades) are the mildest?
Which are the most aggressive?
I have "heard" Tech is mild, but then it was only a certain one- "confused", LOL!!

What is supposed to be mild, milder, mildest?
Same for aggressive- aggressive, aggressiver, aggressivest?
(yeah, I know, the spelling, I did it on purpose:)
Tech, blue-tipped Superspeed, Goodfella, adjustable on a low setting: Mild

Red tip SS, adjustable opened up, Fatip, Futur, old Muhles: Aggressive
From my rotation I've found:

Mildest --> a toss-up between Gillette Tech & Ladies Gillette
Milder --> Aristocrat (President) Superspeed
Mild --> English Superspeed
Aggressive --> Merkur 38C
aggressiver --> certain GEM razors (only have one in rotation which is pretty agressive)
aggressivest --> Merkur Slant, straight razor

In addition to the list above, I have found that a fresh blade (Feather) contributes greatly to a mild shave.
See this thread. I started out with what is considered an aggressive razor, the Super Speed red tip. After a couple of months of that, I started using my gold Tech razor with a nice, sharp Feather blade, and I couldn't be happier. The red-tip is aggressive, especially with a Feather. You have to have a very light touch with the red tip. The Tech is much more forgiving even with a super sharp balde in it!

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You should chek out this 'Wiki Link' on aggressiveness and ranking of Razors based on blade gap size...lots of great info therein. :thumbup:

"Aggressiveness is not dependent upon a single dimension or measure of a razor. It depends upon blade geometry/angle, exposure, span, gap, weight, and most of all, the user. Again: there are factors other than the blade gap size that might make a razor seem more or less aggressive. Most notable is "blade exposure", or, the protrusion of the blade above a line tangent to the razor head and blade guard as they touch the face".


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Just piling on at this point.......

Mild: Tech, Fatboy on 1
Medium: Flair Tip Super Speed
Mild Aggressive: Red Tip Super Speed
Aggressive: Murker 38c, Fatboy on 6 or above
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